Saturday, 13 August 2011

Filling in some Birthday Blanks on a Saturday...

It was Lauren's birthday this week, so her blanks are birthday themed!

1.   My most favorite birthday was       I think my 11th or 12th? I got to celebrate twice because I flew to LA and thanks to the international date line it was still my birthday! Two whole days of official birthday!! My uncle also took us all to an awesome steak house to celebrate.. it was nomminess!!   .

2.  My worst birthday was    maybe my 12th or 13th? my parents and I all forgot until about 11pm and I was like... hey... it was my birthday today! (I was on Summer vacay and totally spaced what the date was)... I got to celebrate the next day, so I wasn't too traumatised or anything...   .

3.  My favorite birthday memory is     getting kicked out of my own 21st.. HAHAHA.. not my proudest moment, but boy did I have a great party up until that point!!  .

4.  The best birthday present I've ever received was   a mini Mercedes with pedals and a little electric motor when I was in kindergarten... I used to love driving that thing around the house and in our backyard.. it was AWESOME POSSUMS!! .

5.  The  best birthday present I've ever given was      I have no idea! I tend to give fairly random birthday presents... I did send a vegetarian gummy candy in the form of bacon strips and a t bone steak once... she ate it all up and loved it!! :D I think I sent her some tape with bacon on it as well... I'm sure she put it to good use!! haha... (yup.. I'm that friend...)  .

6.  Birthdays are       best when they last the whole month!! Like mine did this year.. hehehe... thanks to the mister for spoiling me for my b'day month!!   .

7.  My favorite age so far has been       the age I was last year.. I had so many awesome adventures... ripping around the desert and beaches of Oman, Las Fallas in Valencia, Madrid, Alicante, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, an amazing Summer at two weddings in BC, Canada and 4 glorious weeks of cottage life with boats, wakeboards, sea-doos, atv's and jeeps in Muskoka, Ontario.. Thanks to all the lovelies who made it all possible!!   . 
xx Caz

Well, I need to get off my behind and get ready to head downtown for the Dragon Boat Festival!! Happy Weekend!!!

Head on over to Lauren's to say Happy Birthday or to join in the blanks fun!

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