Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Movie Madness: Machete, Source Code, Limitless

So, last Friday, after spending a couple of hours hanging out and napping in the sun then a most delicious meal of sushi at Shizen (post to come).. the G-man and I ended up flicking through Netflix and came across Machete... he said he had heard good things about it and I looked at him blankly, as I'd never heard of the movie before.. E-V-E-R! But a quick flick through the cast list revealed an all star cast including Jessica Alba, Don Johnson, Robert DeNiro, Michelle Rodriguez, Steven Segal, Cheech Marin and Lindsay Lohan... I was intrigued... so we threw it on.. on the premise that if it was crap, he was never allowed to pick a movie EVER AGAIN... (potentially not such a huge threat considering we don't even live in the same country! but alas!) By the time the opening credits rolled, I was hooked... G offered to change it but my interest had been piqued... we saw it through to the end and I was impressed.

Some parts are super cheesy but not to the point that it's off putting, all the superfluous stuff seems to knit together the storyline somehow... G compared it to an 80's cop show... I think it has a lot more gratuitous violence! Bottom line is.. I really enjoyed the movie and I didn't think I would... so, if you enjoy watching heads fly off bodies, then definitely check this movie out!!

I realise I have told you nothing of the storyline.. but you don't really need to know before you start watching it.. I didn't!

Monkey rates Machete at 4 out of 5. For gratuitous violence and a bit of spoofy hilarity, this is a must see!

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, I'm sure you've seen the ads/trailer for it.. "What would you do if you only had 8 minutes to live?".. He is in a commuter train and keeps being returned to the same period in time over and over again trying to achieve a different outcome... that's about as much as I knew about the movie before JGP threw it on one afternoon... I wasn't really paying attention at the beginning but it definitely sucked me in...

Though there were parts where I zoned out again.. overall it wasn't a very gripping movie, I think partially you feel a bit like you're watching Groundhog Day and the repetition made my brain zone out even though something new happens each time and he learns a bit more about the situation.. maybe if I had been paying more attention I would have enjoyed it more as I would have picked up subtleties in each "playback".. 

The twist at the end really threw me for a loop and I can't really say I understand the complexity the movie was trying to convey...  the mini love story that happens is interesting and is really the only thing that carries any character development.

Monkey rates Source Code at 2 out of 5. There wasn't enough stuff blowing up, gratuitous violence or character development to really get me into the movie... and the underlying techie storyline just made my brain hurt...
This is yet another movie that was highly advertised... again JGP threw it on one afternoon and as per usual I wasn't really paying attention.. though I did get drawn into it.. it was a bit slow to get going in my opinion but it was worth the wait for the storyline to develop..

There was blood shed and one scene which made me watch through my fingers... it is an interesting idea, if we were able to use our minds to its full potential, where would it take us? tho I'm not convinced all the rich and powerful are necessarily the ones with loads of clarity!!

I liked the twist at the end though not necessarily where the movie ended up.. does that make sense??

Monkey rates Limitless at 3.5 out of 5. There was enough violence and blood shed to keep me entertained, the little plot twists kept it interesting but I probably wouldn't buy the DVD...

xx CazWell, there you have it.. my first movie reviews... not really the most detailed or based even remotely on  cinematography... pretty much based solely on their entertainment value for me!  So, how did I do?? Do you care?? Should I tell you my opinions next time I watch a movie or should I just keep it to myself??


  1. I think your movie reviews- they are very honest and focus on the important stuff, like if the movie actually holds your attention. I was thinking about watching that Limitless movie, so I'll let you know what I think! I like Jake Gyllenhaal but the previews reminded me of a less hilarious and adorable Groundhog Day too, so I probably won't bother with that one. ;)

  2. Thanks Katie! Would love to hear what you think if you get around to watching Limitless..

    I didn't want to let slip any spoilers or at the same time, just reiterate what people already knew from the previews! Doesn't leave a lot to say about movies really!!

  3. Love it Caz! Never add a spoiler and don't worry about the silly info - that's my review motto!


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