Thursday, 29 September 2011

I thought lunges were THE most evil exercise.. until...

the personal trainer made me do these cruel squat jumps.... you start standing, holding a medicine ball at your belly... then you drop into a squat lowering the medicine ball towards the ground, and all in one movement you have to stand up, lift the ball above your head and jump!! Then you drop back into the squat and start all over again.... GAHHHHHHH!! The first couple that I did.. I almost toppled over because I wasn't using my core to keep my back straight...  if you want a full body exercise, give this one a go!

He also made me hold myself up in the pull up/chin up position for 20seconds then 10 seconds... it's like the arm equivalent of "sitting on the wall" (another EVIL exercise btw!)... and reverse sit ups... which I couldn't do properly because I have a keg where I should have a six-pack! *sigh* so out of shape!!

I still haven't got around to measuring myself to keep track of my progress... I am slack like that... I think mostly because I just don't really care... as much as it would be nice to have tangible results... it just doesn't bother me all that much... on the flip side of that.. maybe if I don't take measurements... I can slack and it doesn't matter!

Anyways, I am happy to report I went to the gym on Monday and ran through the exercises the PT gave me last Monday... after giving my shoulder a week off... and I survived my PT session yesterday! I feel like the PT worked me harder yesterday.. (tho maybe I was already sore and tired from working out on Monday)... and almost like the guy I had last Monday wasn't even a proper PT...  I also liked that my PT yesterday is named Nacho... MUAAHAHAHAHA... I really had to try hard not to laugh at that one...

xx CazI will endeavour to take some measurements to keep track of my progress.. but I am still deciding whether I want to put them up on this blog or not...

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