Friday, 30 September 2011

The art and benefits of clotheslines!

Saw this post today and wanted to share it with you all...
{taken from Mille Fiori post}
Mille Fiori Spa: The art and benefits of clotheslines!: HANG DRYING Laundry Facts Average Annual Household Savings of more than $100/year.

We only have a washer/dryer in one at the flat we're renting and I think I've only used the dryer function once.. because I needed space on the clothes horse (what do you guys call em?? laundry rack?? those things that fold up and extend up that you hang washing on??) and the socks I was pulling off didn't feel totally dry, so I threw them in the dryer for about 15mins... damp socks are not pleasant!

Other than that I never use the dryer.. and I actually haven't had a dryer in the last two flats I've lived in... they don't seem to be huge in flats here.. probably because they rack up a massive power bill!

My mum's always air dried laundry apart from sometimes putting towels in the dryer for 5 mins to soften them up.. and sometimes in Winter she'd put my clothes in the drier in the morning so they would be warm for me to put on when I got dressed.. (this happened very rarely... but it's sooooo nice!!!) She doesn't even have a tumble dryer at her house anymore...

The only time I used driers a lot was when I lived in staff housing in Whistler, as there wasn't really anywhere to hang laundry... and in my flats in Victoria... because... well... using the dryer just seems to be "the way"... and basement flats aren't the most conducive places to try and air dry laundry! As well when I lived at the hostel in Edinburgh.. as again... not exactly a lot of room to hang laundry when you share a room with 5 other people!!

Anywhos... I strongly advocate air drying laundry! I also dislike "Bounce sheets"... pop into a homeware store and pick up some dryer balls! They pay for themselves and does not create rubbish each time you put a load of drying on... if you can't give up the habit!! I just think the dryer is a destroyer of clothes! I completely agree that they last twice as long if you air dry!

I also agree that clotheslines can definitely be arty! And for someone with slightly voyeuristic tendencies like me.. (I can't help looking into people's ground floor windows when I walk past.. can you??!!) it's always interesting to see other people's laundry... don't you think??

xx CazAre you totally dependent on your dryer?? Do you have a clothesline?? Do you use a "clothes horse"?? Do you find that the dryer eats your clothes?? Or would you loathe to see people's laundry in the open??


  1. I hang out shirts, t-shirts and the like; on the line in summer, on the horse in winter.

    But generally more.... delicate items end up in the dryer, as by the time I realise I need to wash some then I generally need them dry by next morning.

    And also, it means that my neighbours needn't see them

  2. :D Typical boy laundry mentality!! :D
    Would you be ashamed for your neighbours to see you "delicates"??

  3. Oh sweetie, I'm uncomfortable if I see my delicates, let alone other people.

  4. :D I forget it is you we're talking about! x


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