Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Lost comments on blogger??

Is anyone else having this problem??

I got an email notification about a comment but when I click through to my blog to reply... it's not there... ie. it says I have no comments... as far as I know, even if the person removes the comment, it comes up with a box still that says "this post has been removed by user" or something... but I just get nothing at all... it still says (0) after my comments button...

The other day it would show I had comments but then none of the text actually showed up under people's names and pictures... so I just had a box with a photo but no writing...

Has anyone else had this?? Any suggestions of what I should do??

xx Caz[edit: 4.57pm] Nevermind... I somehow stumbled onto my "spam comments" page whilst having a look around the "new blogger interface" and found the lost comment... So, if this ever happens to you, check your spam comments page!! XD

Tho still not sure why they wouldn't load properly a few days ago... *sigh*

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