Friday, 14 October 2011

Mark Greenaway @ No.12 Picardy Place, Edinburgh

On Tuesday, SW and I had a fabulous lunch at Mark Greenaway, which is housed in No. 12 Picardy Place formerly known as Hawke and Hunter.  I was a bit confused when I walked in the door and was greeted by a receptionist behind a desk... had I stumbled into a hotel or something? I was swiftly led around the corner and into the stylish dining room.  SW already had water for the table and a "Market Menu" as well as an a la carte menu were delivered without fuss.  I'd already had a peruse online, so pretty much had my heart set on what I wanted.  I was very happy to see that the things I wanted off the a la carte menu were pretty much all present on the set priced Market Menu.

Confit Gressingham Duck Leg
Hot Orange Jelly, Beetroot Carpaccio, Sakura Salad, Raspberry Dressing
 Beautifully presented and an absolute delight to eat. 
The Orange Jelly provided just the right amount of acidity to the confit.

The main dining room was our private dining room for the meal and we had a lovely corner table under a big window overlooking the Secret Garden. The table was well presented with an oil lamp, fresh flowers and butter and rock salt.

11 Hour Slow Roasted Clash Farm Pork Belly
Spiced Fillet, Pomme Puree, Savoy Cabbage, Toffee Apple Jus
The crackling was a bit impossible to cut through and a bit sticky on the teeth.. but the top was just crunchy enough for a bit of texture, the pork belly was melt in the mouth tender and the puree was rich and smooth. The cabbage was a nice balance to the richness of everything else on the plate. I struggled to get through the mash, but SW has no problems polishing off his plate!

SW was torn between choosing a dessert off the Market Menu or the Chocolate Fondant which was in the a la carte menu (which actually shows on the Market Menu on the website... shhhhh!), but after some debate and deciding that the fondant would be too rich after the Pork Belly, we decided to stick with the trend and order the same thing...
 Broken Lemon Tart -
Yuzu Parfait, Frozen Shortbread, Pistachio Puree, Compact Watermelon, Coconut Jelly
We agreed that this Lemon Tart was definitely "Broken"! We both looked a bit doubtfully at it on the plate...  (confusion about where to start perhaps!?!) I decided to try a bit of the lemon curd and all doubt was immediately dissipated... It was creamy and tart with just a hint of sweetness - perfection! The pistachio puree was a bit strange on its own, unlike the coconut jelly and yuzu parfait which were both delightful, but when all the elements are combined and eaten together, the result was a little party on the tastebuds. 
You could see our reflections on the plates when we were finished and SW declared he could eat another whole plate right away! No small compliment coming from someone who's career is hospitality and dining!

Our 3 courses set us back £20 each, our wine (a lovely Vionier, I trusted SW to order) was £20 and a bottle of fizzy water for the table a fairly reasonable (for a restaurant) £3. Making our total bill £70 including tip. So £35 for 3 course lunch with a bottle of wine = absolute STEAL!!

 View from our table into a Private Dining Room with a wine cellar.
 View looking into the rest of the main restaurant, another PDR through the doorway on the left. Waiter's station on the right, doors where you enter the restaurant on the right wall.

After lunch we had a nosey around the property, I've been downstairs to the Green Room before for an event but had never seen the rest of the building.
A huge display of my favourite flowers on the landing on the way upstairs to the Cocktail Bar

Cocktail Bar

Private Room off the Lounge of the Cocktail Bar

Main Lounge Area of the Bar

Funky Artwork

Chaise Lounge in the Ladies Bathroom

More Funky Artwork ( I love this... I want it!)

Trendy MDF/Wood Deer Head on Downstairs Wall

The restaurant (along with many others) is taking part in the Yelp Eats! Dine Out in Edinburgh next week, where you can have two courses at some of the city's fine dining restaurants fo£15 (on a prix fixe menu).

xx CazI'm pretty gutted I'm not in town to take full advantage, though my wallet probably appreciates that fact far more than my belly! If you're in town, you should definitely check it out!! Even if you miss out on the Yelp Eats! Week, I still think Mark Greenaway offers fantastic value for the quality of food if you order off the Market Menu.  Otherwise it would be a nice treat for a special occasion!!

Happy Eating!!


  1. Wow, that looks stunning. I love the set menu idea for restaurants you wouldn't normally be able to enjoy.

  2. It was a pretty great lunch!

    I love Dine Outs.. Whistler does it once a year too.. really nice way to check out those budget breaking places!!


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