Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Gymmin It: Exercise Diary 2 & Seeking Soundtrack Suggestions!

So, I braved the wind and slight rain to get to the gym for my PT session today... I was slightly early, so I told one of the girls at the desk that I was going to head up to the gym and get started on my warm up and to tell Nacho I was up there when he arrived... 15mins on the cross trainer later... no PT... so I head back down to the front desk to investigate... only to find that, I apparently wasn't in the book... even tho I saw the girl write it in on Monday... in pen... and there was no white out marks, so I think she mistakenly wrote it on last week's roster??

Anywhos.. the absolutely gormless girls gave me two options.. a) they could call him and I could wait (tho one of the other girls was already on the phone on what seemed like a personal phone call who showed no signs of getting OFF...)  or... oh wait.. that was the only option they gave me.... I said it was fine and I was happy to book another time.. then she asked if I had his number... ummmm, no?  She then pretty much said if I wanted to book a session with Nacho, it would be better for me to phone him and arrange it myself... otherwise she could book me with one of the group exercise teachers.... WHAT??!!!  What the hell do they pay you for if I need to organise my own shit??!! I chose to take his number rather than leave my fate in the hands of someone so completely clueless....

I then headed back upstairs and decided to do some cardio rather than any weight training... so I jumped on the elliptical for another 30 minutes... listening to the awful music in the gym and watching some Top 40 Music Video thing on the tv... I'd left my iPod in my bag and left the house with it low on battery because I thought I'd be listening to a PT at the gym today!

Anywhos... it got me thinking... do you have a gym soundtrack on your "portable media player"???  What kinda music gets you going at the gym?? What beats keep you company when you're out pounding the pavement?? I'd love to know! I don't have a gym playlist yet and am in desperate need of some suggestions!!
xx Caz

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