Sunday, 27 November 2011

Oxford Cushion Cover DIY

It's been a while since I've done any sewing and with Kim coming to visit for the weekend, I thought I would try to tick one of my projects off the list..

On a trip to Ikea... (forever ago...) I found a single curtain and also a big cushion in the bargain section... and decided I would attempt to turn the curtain into a cover for the cushion... so for the bargain price of £6 I made myself a pretty swank cushion cover!!
I was pretty lucky that width of the curtain was the perfect size to cover the cushion with about an inch of overlap which saved me the hassle of hemming the two sides! (Gotta love a shortcut!!) I cut off the original bottom hem of the curtain because it was messily hemmed with hemming tape and was about 3 inches high..  I measured the length (26.5") added 2 inches for a hem top and bottom and cut straight across at 28.5" from the bottom of the fabric.

Instead of actually hemming the raw edges, I just turned the fabric inside out (so right sides facing) and sewed up the sides with a zig zag stich. (Hemming AND sewing up the sides all in one go! FABULOUS!)

I was crossing my fingers that the overlap opening would somehow sort itself out when I turned the cushion cover the right side out, and it seemed to work out fine!! I threw the cushion in to check the size of the opening and it fit in easily and I had loads of room to spare. (I wasn't entirely sure I would have room to make the oxford edge.) Just by sheer luck, the pattern even matched up along the overlap!
I figured out pretty quickly that I would have to sew along the outside of the cushion to make the oxford edge.. I was a bit hesitant as my sewing machine has a tendency to do funny things with stitching (probably my own fault for not adjusting the tension properly), but so far everything had been running pretty smoothly so I measured an inch and a half around the entire edge, marked it out with some pins and got to work. It all worked out pretty well and I even managed to release the foot and turn the cover to sew the right angles! WOOHOO!!

So there you have my most recent sewing project! It was actually super easy once I got going.. if my written instructions aren't clear and people would like me to draw up a proper "tutorial", I can attempt it.. just ask!

xx CazWell, I hope you've all had a fantastic weekend!
We've had a great weekend with Kim.. it was a shame she had to leave so early today. :( Hopefully we'll see her again soon!!

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