Friday, 25 November 2011

Fill in the blanks on Black Friday...

Happy Black Friday!

Today is apparently the craziest shopping day if you live in the States.. so good luck for those of you out to bag a bargain!! So far I've bagged 35% off + free shipping @Pree Brulee and gotten matching bracelets for my mummy, one of my "surrogate mums" & me!!  I bought us all this bracelet, orange for me and pink for the two mum's. 

1.   Waking up at the break of dawn to go shopping is my idea of     craziness!! I love to shop and I love a good bargain.. but "the break of dawn" and me really do NOT get along...  .

2.   If I were to go shopping today I would be on the hunt for   a tablet or netbook.. so I can stop lugging my 15" beast around when I go travelling... tho, I might see if I can survive the next trip with my brand spanking new smartphone and no laptop... eek!!   .

3.  The best thing I ate yesterday was    turnip cakes! We don't "do" Thanksgiving... so we didn't eat anything special...    .

4. Something I've been learning lately is    that I seriously lack motivation, especially when there is no structure to my life.. I think I've always known this.. but it has been overtly apparent lately... *sigh*   .

5.  I cannot start my day without    checking emails & facebook.. (so much easier now that I don't even have to get out of bed to do it!)  .

6.  My nighttime attire consists of    a singlet and pj bottoms...  .

7.  I am looking forward to    Kim arriving for the weekend, the last F1 race on Sunday & hitting up the Christmas markets!! Mulled wine & yummy treats?? Yes please!!  .

xx Caz                                Happy Weekend!!
                             As always, head along to Lauren's to join the fun!!

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