Friday, 2 March 2012

Geocaching in Taiwan

Hey lovelies!

Not sure if any of you remember my last post about geocaching... ALL the way back in December... and not sure if any of you have given it a go??  But I have continued my geocaching adventures on my travels... I did quite a bit of geocaching while I was in Sweden.. I found it can make travelling solo seem less lonely sometimes.. tho at some spots, you really miss having an extra pair of eyes to help in the search!!

Anywhos, I've been on some geocaching adventures since I've been back in Taiwan staying with mum...

The first was in 鹿港 (Lukang) where my gran lives while we were back visiting over Lunar/Chinese New Year...

The description says to bring a stick or something as the cache is hidden in a 'high place'... but of course, I hadn't bothered to read that part of it... and had just wandered down with mum to have a go at finding it.. this cache actually isn't far from my gran's so we thought we would try our luck one afternoon while my gran was having her afternoon siesta... After waiting for some passer's-by to clear the scene and getting some funny looks for seemingly staring at a wall... I spotted it!! But true to the description.. it was kinda high and out of reach... :(   Until I had the brilliant idea of lifting my mum up to grab it...

So, picture this... She's standing fairly close to the wall, I sorta crouch down so I can grab her around the waist and lift her up to reach the box.... sounds fairly simple right??!!  Apart from the part where we're both laughing hysterically because a guy walked past and looked as us like crazy people!! On the second or third go, she managed to get it before I almost dropped her from laughing so much...   (how I wish someone else had been there to take photos!)

I've been planning for a while to go searching since we've been back in 台北 (Taipei), but the GPS on my phone doesn't seem to want to play along unless it has some form of internet connection... So I hatched a plan after I got my new netbook that I would just take it with me when I went geocaching so my phone could leech its internet connection! *sings* I am so smart! S-M-R-T! */sings*

We went hunting yesterday for one on our way home but my phone decided to die while we were searching and it was getting late and it was pretty dark so we gave up and decided to go back during the day one day..

It was quite a nice day again today and we needed to go to the post office so thought we'd go hunting at 陽明山 (Yangming Shan or Yangming Mountain if you will) and check out the Flower Festival..
This cache turned out to be quite an easy find as the instructions are pretty clear and without loads of buildings in the way, the GPS is pretty accurate.. aside from the massive amount of people milling about I didn't have much trouble finding and retrieving it... tho I did have to restart my netbook and my phone to get my GPS to play nice... *sigh* Not sure if it's a fault with my phone or what.. but it gets a bit annoying sometimes when the GPS won't work offline...
Anywhos.. enough with the moaning about my phone.. here's a picture of Coconut enjoying the Cherry Blossoms!!
xx Caz
And thus concludes another episode of geocaching with Caz! Have any of you tried it?? What did you think?? Did you manage to find any?? Or are you an avid geocacher already?? Would love to hear your stories!!


  1. I haven't tried it, but it seems like fun! I really enjoyed your photos of Coconut.

  2. Thanks Earl-Leigh! He comes in quite handy when I can't be bothered taking selfies!! :D

    Will try to post more photos of him in future.. he's a good "me" stand in, don't you think??


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