Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Wishlist : Dinosaur Jacket

So I was watching TV a few days ago and saw a couple of presenters on a local show wearing cute dinosaur jackets... so I got to a'Googling~  after a search in English yielded nothing, I tackled the task in Chinese... and found it!! It is made by a local brand called STAGE which is headed up by one of the gazillion celebrities in Taiwan... a limited edition for this year's Year of the Dragon.. (so it's it supposed to be a dragon then??!!)  O.o
I saw it on a couple of web auction sites for NT$3500/4000... Roughly... £70! Eeep!! 

Spurred on by the fact that it comes in red!! I looked up the address of the store and vowed to go a'searching for this piece of adorable'ness!! Mum obliged me on our way home last night...  we found the store.. but they don't have it in red anymore.. :(  Only black and grey... It's fleece inside and super comfy... The momster thought the tail looked weird but I LOVE the fact is has a tail!! Alas... at an astonishing £70.. I had to leave the hoodie at the store... 

I did however, find a DIY for a dinosaur hoodie in my web travels while trying to find the jacket...
So once I'm reunited with my sewing machine.. or if we manage to get the momster's one fixed.. this might be a fun little project to try out!! I might even attempt making a tail.. hehe.. :)

xx CazWould you wear a dragon/dino hoodie??!!

{both pictures of the dragon jacket taken from Stage's fb page}

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