Sunday, 25 March 2012

Lightbox and other fun Photo Apps...

Hey lovelies!!

So a while ago.. when I was looking for fun photos apps for my Samsung Galaxy S2, I downloaded Camera+Lightbox... I had a mini play around with it at home but didn't really grasp what it actually DID... I kinda just forgot about it to be honest.. along with the rest of the camera apps I got at the time...

But now that I've had my phone for a few months and have figured out how to do more than just text, call and update facebook! I've been having a play around with some of the apps and Camera+ is one I've fallen in love with... it can make your ho hum pictures look artsy and atmospheric~!!
For those of you who converse in terms of iThings... this is Android's Instagram equivalent if you will... and although Instagram are apparently launching to droid "at some stage"... there's no actual set date.. (that I know of.. tho to be completely honest, I'm not really down with the 411 on all things techy)...  although a quick Google search provided this as well as this.... (and yes.. I DID just use... down with the 411... holla~!)

Either way... I'm on the Lightbox wagon... it's free and it lets you post to fb as well as twitter and you can follow people etc etc... If you're on there already, or if you decide to join up.. come find me!!  I'm still finding my way around... Lightbox (as well as my phone!).. so, if you've been on it for a while and have any recommendations of people to follow, leave me a comment so I can check them (or YOU!) out!!

Anywhos... other fun camera apps I've discovered are Lomo Camera, Retro Camera, Photo Grid and PhotoShake.. I'd been wondering how people had been posting super cute collages to their fb.. and of course... "there's an app for that"!! I'm also about to grab pixlr-o-matic and Cartoon Camera and see how I go with those...

What fun photos apps do you have?? Which ones would you recommend?? Or are there ones you've tried and then deleted?? Or are there any other apps you'd recommend?? I'm always up for trying out new stuff and seeing what my phone can do!!
xx Caz
{sidenote: inspiration to finally "join" lightbox came from a post on Big Mario Life}

Happy sn{app}ing!! 
Oh, I know I'm so clever, right??!! RIIIght??!! *ahem* (Yes, I'm this awkward... IRL...)


  1. Jealous! That picture is so pretty. I'm ready to be rid of this Blackberry...there are no fun photo apps.

    1. Thanks miss! :)

      Get rid of the bb... get an Android!! I don't think bb has any fun apps! Join the revolution!! ; )

  2. that pic is gorgeous!

    I'm just finally getting to experiment with Instagram, since I'm finally over on an iPhone. But there's so many apps available!

    1. Thanks! :)

      Hope you have fun discovering Instagram!

  3. I need to get better about how I use Lightbox. I pretty much just take pictures of my food all the time!

    I do have one complaint about Lightbox, though - I wish you could layer effects. Sometimes I want to use tilt-shift and a retro effect at the same time!

    1. I love taking pictures of my food! Although none have made it to lightbox yet! :)

      Maybe jump on board one of the photo a day challenges to get you in the habit of taking photos of other things.. I'm joining in fat mum slim's April photo-a-day.. I posted about it earlier on if you want to check it out.. :)

      Grab pixlr-o-matic.. it lets you layer effects and it has LOADS of them.. and you can still upload them onto Lightbox when you're done!

      Have yet to discover tilt-shift... will have to do some more exploring and experimenting today I think!


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