Saturday, 7 April 2012

April Photo-A-Day Round-up #1

Hey lovelies!!

So a while ago I posted about taking part in Fat Mum Slim's April photo-a-day, and I've been pretty good about my daily photo so far.. we were running around lots yesterday and I missed lunch so didn't have anything to take a photo of for the cue.. but I made up for it today!

Anyways, here's my first weekly round-up of photos...

Day 1. My Reflection

Day 2. Colour - I started off wanting to have alternate colours on each finger.. but forgot till I'd already done one hand... so one hand of each colour it was!!

Day 3. Mail - When you've moved as much as I have.. this is probably the most reliable form of mail..!! I had wanted to take a photo of the mail man at my granny's as he comes around on a scooter, but I overslept and missed him... oops!

Day 4. Someone who makes you happy - My granny! This picture cracks me up because she's so happy to be on a horse! She'd never ridden a horse before this day...

Day 5. Tiny - I was going to take a photo of my cousin's chihuahua.. who is actually HUGE for a chihuahua.. but found this picture in the paper... thought it was kinda perfect for the cue..

Day 6. Lunch - more like brunch... cup of hot water & plate of fruit is what I usually have for breakfast every morning... all cut up ready to eat... courtesy of the momster!! Thanks mommy!!

Day 7. Shadow

So there you have it, my first week of photo-a-day participation... does it pass muster??

Don't forget you can follow me on lightbox, here, if you want to see my photos daily.. as well as other little tidbits and pretties from life in general!
xx Caz
Have you been playing along too?? 

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