Friday, 16 March 2012

New Adventure : Independent Scentsy Consultant

Hi lovelies

So, a little while ago, I told you I was about to embark on a new adventure...
I have decided to become an Independent Scentsy Consultant!!
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I know the brand and product isn't anything new for those of you in the US of A and Canada (although I'd never heard of it while I lived in Canada.. so I'm not entirely sure how widespread it is there...), but it is still a fairly new brand and product for Europe and the UK. It only officially launched in the UK April 2011 (I believe) and is still getting its name and products out there against the better known (in the UK) PartyLite.

I also looked at selling PartyLite but their products are more expensive and I actually really like the Scentsy "wickless" system. Yes, PartyLite sell warmers and wax bars also, but I personally prefer the Scentsy warmers and think their wax bars are cheaper and better value for money.

I wish I'd known they were available when I still lived at the hostel, as we were not allowed to burn candles or incense (for obvious fire hazard issues) and I really missed being able to make my living environment smell nice. Sharing a room with 5 others comes with all sorts of strange and mysterious odors!! 

What sold me on the idea was a video I saw where a woman literally dipped her fingers into the melted wax in her warmer.. I had previously had concerns that the wax would get really hot and the idea of accidentally spilling a dish of hot wax on myself (or my belongings) wasn't exactly appealing!! 

I love candles and incense and being able to scent my living environment.. but I've found that incense has a tendency to be very overpowering in our flat (probably because we keep the windows shut due to the fact it's freezing for 9 months of the year!) and seems to irritate my nose.  

I'm also very partial to Ikea candles.. They are cheap and come in a large variety of smells, but I find that the scent gets quite weak and dissipates really quickly.. or I've bought ones where you can't smell it at all once you light it.. I find they also tend to smoke quite a lot when you blow them out... AND they always leave a bunch of wax behind!! I also have a bad habit of forgetting to blow them out when I go to bed and have visions of burning my flat down one night...

So for the cost of powering an LED light, plugging something into the socket and having the peace of mind of not burning the house down is well worth it in my opinion.  Yes, it's a bigger initial investment having to get the warmer.. but I think in the long run, buying the wax cubes works out to be just as cost effective as buying candles from Ikea.. AND you're not left with empty glass containers at the end.

They've also recently brought out Travel Tins with solid gel scents in them.. I love the idea of having one in the car as opposed to those hanging pine trees which are always wayyy too strong when you first open them, then lose their scent quickly.. or even throwing one in your gym bag! No more weird gym locker smells!! Just your fragrance of choice, and you just close the tin when you're done! = No wasting the scent when you're not using it... tho having something nice smelling in the gym bag is never a bad thing!!

Anywhos.. thems are my thoughts.. for those of you in the UK, please go have a look around my page and see if anything takes your fancy!! If you have any questions at all, feel free to drop me an email, I'd love to hear from you!! Anyone local to Edinburgh can also email me with any orders and we can always try to combine orders to save on shipping charges.
xx Caz

Have you used any Scentsy products before?? What did you think??


  1. The only thing I know about Scentsy is that every time I go into someone's house and I say, "Oh, it smells really good in here!", they always say, "Thanks, it's a Scentsy!" Good stuff. :)

  2. A bit more number crunching for those not convinced...

    "I got this from Traci Hiebert at

    British Pound formula:

    Formula for calculating Average Monthly cost of the warmer appliance:

    Cost of Operation per month = (Watts x.001)) x (rate/kWh) x (hours used per month)

    13 x .001 = .013 x £.125 (monthly electric usage rate of a UK customer) = .001625 x 50 = £.08125

    Typical approximated monthly cost of a 220v warmers used 50 hours per month = £.08125 pence

    Bottom line... 8p per month for 50 hours of use!"
    (Accurate around Dec 2011)

    As well as:

    "1 medium candle jar lasts 60-80 hours and costs £15
    1 Scentsy Bar lasts 60-80 hours and costs £5

    Over one year, 12 medium candle jars will cost £180
    Over one year, one full-size Scentsy Warmer and 12 Scentsy Bars will cost £80

    The year after, 12 medium candle jars will cost £180
    The year after, 12 Scentsy Bars will cost £50"
    (Also accurate at Dec 2011)


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