Saturday, 7 April 2012

A haiku~

The Owl Noises Heard
Are Actually Squirrels
According to Mum

True story... apparently what I thought were hooting noises made by owls... are some strange noise made by squirrels...  I always assumed that squirrels made noises akin to mice..... hmmmm....

Are owls and squirrels friends in the animal world?? 
xx Caz

~Inspired by the haikus over at Hazel and Mare..  tho she hasn't written any in a while.. I miss them.. they always had a little quirk and made me smile...~


  1. This is cute! I have no idea if they're friends, though. I would imagine squirrels are sleeping when owls are awake so maybe not?

    1. Thanks! :)

      Well, the noises I hear are at night time.. (hence why I thought it was owls!).. so maybe the squirrels are awake at night too?? Or maybe what I'm hearing is squirrel's snoring!!??


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