Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hot n Spicy & No Room for the Blues!!

Thanks to OPI and the lovely ladies at Socie, my toes are officially "Hot n Spicy" and my fingers have got "No Room for the Blues"!! ❤

What were you thinking??!! Durrrty!! ; )

I was pampered with a 90 minute mani/pedi yesterday.. where, not only were my nails did, they exfoliated and massaged my arms and legs too!! I had one lady working on my legs and one on my arms... It was LUSH!!

They scrubbed my arms and legs with something akin to salt.. then they wrapped each appendage in warmed linen cloths and then plastic wrap!! They busted out a jumbo catering sized roll of plastic wrap and went to town on me.. I wish I'd taken my camera in with me to take photos... I felt a little bit like I was being mummified...! Tho not in any horror movie buried alive way, more of a fun science experiment on Mythbusters way... ☺

This was all achieved while I sat in a big lazy boy chair with a bathrobe half on and some strategically placed towels.. they also managed to rinse all the salt off me without making a huge mess on the floor.... proper pros!! Although I think they probably went through about a dozen hot and cold towels each! Eeep.. not so environmentally friendly...

Apparently I 'sweat' a lot during the time my arms and legs were wrapped up which means I am prone to water retention.. ick!! I am now wondering if I can give myself this 'spa' treatment at home?? Rub scrubbing salts on, wrap it up in a warm towel then some plastic wrap.. I figure if I start with one leg, follow with the other leg, then one arm after the other, by the time that was done, I'd about to ready to unwrap the leg I started on.... Hmmmm... I wonder if it would make my tummy and thighs any skinnier!!??

They went all out with the massage as well!! I have seriously sore arms today.. that girl really put her knees into it!! She used this strange twisting technique, so she was massaging around my arm in circles rather than just the typical up and down movements... my arms are feeling like I did a big work out yesterday!! I'm already sporting bruises on my legs from having some form of allergic reaction to bug bites last week... yes I scratched so hard I gave myself bruises!! They were sooo itchy, it was painful.. I ended up putting ice packs on my legs to help relieve the pain... no joke.. it was NOT a good day to be me that day I can tell ya!!

Anyways.. my nails are definitely making me feel bright and Summery, now if only the weather would co-operate to help the mood along...

xx CazI think I might colour block my nails right into Summer.. what do you think??

Sidenote: What I've learnt through this exercise is that it's really really hard taking a photo of your own feet that don't look horrible/strange... I seriously took about 20 photos and I'm not even that happy with the one I used.. but it's the best of the lot!! Hehe.. I just noticed that my phone reflection in the cup looks like someone giving the finger.. oops! 


  1. I love those colors! Your mani/pedi experience sounds pretty awesome. Glad you had fun!

    1. Thanks! It was one of those torturous fun things... :D


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