Sunday, 22 April 2012

April Photo-a-day Round-up #3

Hi lovelies,

I can't believe ANOTHER week has gone by... I feel like I've been super busy yet I also feel like I've accomplished not much at all!!

Right, here goes!

Day 15. Sunset {bit of a fail as it was really overcast that day}

Day 16. Flower {I love this photo! Can you believe I took it on my phone!!??}

Day 17. Something you don't like {cilantro}

Day 18. Hair {I actually took this while we were out at afternoon tea the next day... reminds me of when I peroxide bleached my hair in high school... not something I recommend doing at home!!}

Day 19. Orange {part of our afternoon tea.. neither were very delicious.. bit of a fail for the momster's birthday treat..}

Day 20. Something you drew {a map! kickin' it old skool.. no relying on gps for this lady!! notice x marks the spot!!}

Day 21. Bottle {may be my fave perfume bottle, I love the snow globe lid}

Day 22. The last thing you bought {technically the scanner.. but my new phone cover was too cute not to share!}

As an added bonus for stopping by my blog to check out my photos... here is my little kitty phone cover for your viewing pleasure!!

Teeheee, it's so cute and I love love love it!! It's actually that aqua/teal colour in the first photo... I think the lights in my room are really orangey, hence why the photo of the back came out really blue looking...

I feel kinda bad.. Samsung went to so much trouble to make such a slimline phone and I go and put a big giant cover on it! HAHA.. but I my love for the cuteness outweighs my guilt over the form!! I do really like that it keeps the camera off the table...

The first time I saw the cover was a few months ago when my friend and I went night market shopping.. The guy wanted NT$780 for it.. Noooo thank you! Then I saw it at a night market in Yilan and the guy wanted I think NT$500.. mehh... Then I happened to come across one in the underground shopping street for NT$260 which I was convinced was a cheap knock off..

Then while the momster and I were out and about on Friday, we saw it again and the lady wanted NT$480.. I was like.. HA! $480! Started wandering out of the stall, so she was like... how about $400?? I "considered it" but they didn't actually have the teal one displayed.. only a white one and a fluro pink one.. so I asked if they had the green and the other shop keeper went off to go see... Meanwhile I'm telling her, "it's kinda expensive"... So she was like.. "well how much had you intended on spending?", so I told her I saw it at another place for $260, then she asked if I was sure that wasn't the price for the iFone version? I said no, I even tried it on my phone so I was sure... She then asked "so why didn't you just buy it?", to which I delightfully replied "because I want to try and find it for even cheaper!"...

Meanwhile the other lady had come back with the cover.. so the first lady told her "she says she's seen it for $260"... and the lady that came back said to me "how about $300?".. I started to walk off (I guess they thought I was bluffing) and said "why would I pay $300 when I can get one for $260?!?"... So finally the first lady caved and was all "ok, ok, sell it to you for $260"... yippee!! I'm convinced this one is actually better quality than the one I saw for the same price and this one may even potentially not be a knockoff...  but you can really never be too sure in Asia...

So my friends, today's lesson is : it pays to shop around!!! Don't be afraid to barter either!!

Have you ever bartered your way to a good deal?? Or saved yourself a bunch of money by shopping around?? There's something so satisfying about finding the same item for less money, don't you think?? 

xx CazI also hate when I buy something then see it for cheaper somewhere else.. it drives me round the bend!! I will obsess and kick myself about it for days...  I've actually returned something to a store and gotten a refund and gone and bought it somewhere else coz I saw it for cheaper... !! Or bought the second one for cheaper then returned the first one for a refund.. (Probably spending more in gas going back and forth than the difference in price I paid, but that's not the point!!) Am I crazy?? Have you done the same?? Or does it not bother you at all??

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