Friday, 6 July 2012

June Happenings

I can't believe it's already July!! That is crazy talk!! This year is just flying by!!

At the end of June, I had spent a total of 24 days in Edinburgh for the entire first half of 2012... where I supposedly "live"! Can you say you live somewhere if you've been there for 24 days out of six months!?!

Alas, I am here now and have no more trips planned until September! Although I'm hoping we'll be moving house again before then.. hopefully to somewhere more permanent.. Our current flat is an absolute shambles, there are so many things that need to be fixed that haven't been.. it's super frustrating... it took them 3 weeks to drop off a new vacuum cleaner because the last one was broken! Among a list of other things as long as my arm...

Anywhos! I spent the majority of June on a grand adventure in Turkey.. one of my friends, from high school days, married a Turkish lass and it was like a mini reunion for friends I haven't seen for almost a decade!!

I love adding pins to my travel map! 281 Cities in 41 Countries and Counting!!
And for those who remember my #firstworldproblems post.. I managed to have a day and a half in Istanbul AND make it to Manchester for the Pearl Jam concert!! BAM!! I will definitely need to go back to Turkey and properly explore Istanbul and head out to Cappadoccia.. but I had a fabulous time exploring the South Aegean coast, visiting Ephesus and Gallipoli as well as a cheeky little side trip to the Greek Island of Samos. I'm glad I can finally say I've been to Greece! Tho I don't feel like I've been properly.. but it brings my country count to 41!! Hooray!!

I have started writing posts about all the fun things I got up to in Turkey and I hope to share them with you all soon!!

I had a fabulous time in Manchester catching with my crazy friend TR, we had a fabulous lunch at Jamie Oliver's restaurant.. Of course seeing Pearl Jam was amazing.. they played loads and loads of their old stuff (which was great because I don't know any of their new stuff!), then Sok and I found the cutest little tea house and spent about two and a half hours just drinking tea and eating yummy treats.. She almost missed her train because we were so happy just chilling out there to give you some indication!

We then continued to celebrate our 20th anniversary of friendship with a fabulous weekend in London.. we went on an adventure to find Cake Boy (Eric Lanlard's "luxury but relaxed cake boutique").. had a delectable dinner at La Perla.. and ate & drank to our heart's content for 5 hours at Taste of London!

I also got to catch up with some very good friends from NZ whom I haven't seen since I was back home 3 years ago, so all in all it was a fantastic 3 days in London and 3 weeks away from Edinburgh!!

Once I was back, I managed to interview for and get a part time job (though it doesn't start for a couple of weeks yet) AND the mister and I even managed to check out the Scottish Real Ale Festival.. where we drank loads of different ales (and a cider for me) and met a fun new friend who is just about as nuts as we are!! Seriously, we laughed until our cheeks hurt and I can't wait to hang out with her again!

xx CazNot a bad way to spend a month really! Travel adventures, eating & drinking adventures, catching up with old friends, meeting new friends and CREATING MEMORIES!!

Hope your June was fabulous too!!

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