Friday, 25 May 2012

May Happenings

Hey lovelies!

I can't believe it's almost the end of May! Just where has the time gone!?!

I should be busy packing packing packing for our move next weekend.. but instead, I'm mooching on the couch surrounded by a mountain of tissues... because I'm sick sick sick.... and let me tell you, I'm the biggest sook when I'm sick!

I blame my sickness on my plane ride! I was fine when I left Taiwan... I was fine for my 10 hour layover in Hong Kong where I got to catch up with two girls I went to high school with.. makes you feel old when you can say you've not seen someone in over a decade!!  But my voice had disappeared by the time I arrived in Heathrow... luckily I managed to escape the airport in the space of half an hour with passport stamped and luggage in tow!
Our first stop was afternoon tea on the 102th floor of the Ritz Carlton.
I've completely fallen off the photo-a-day wagon this month.. we had lots of rainy weather in Taiwan before I left so there were entire weeks where I didn't leave the house.. which don't make for very interesting photo taking.

I was also preoccupied playing with the momster's new blender. She bought the local equivalent of a Vitamix and it's TOTALLY made me want one of my own.. I mean I've wanted one for a long time.. but now I REALLY REALLY want one!
I even made the batter for this Chocolate Earl Grey cake in the blender!
Don't mind that the momster attacked it with her hands! Hence why there is a weird chunk missing from the corner!
The cake was deeeelicious! The recipe is on my FB page if you want to try it out! I used loose leaf Lady Grey and absolutely loved the fragrance and delicate sweetness it brought to the cake. I dialed back the sugar as I could only find semi sweet instead of bitter sweet chocolate and it came out sweet without being sickening. Perfect for an afternoon snack with a cup of tea or coffee!

A friend of the momster's also introduced us to a fantastic Japanese restaurant in Taipei.. where I ate what is quite possibly THE BEST sashimi and nigiri I've had IN MY LIFE! Seriously... it was so good, we went back again the next week.
The shrimp heads were still moving when this arrived at our table.
The shrimp was so fresh and sweet.. it was delectable!
The rest of the meals really deserve posts of their own.. it's on the list! Along with all the other fun restaurants we went to while I was in Taiwan.  Promise!
xx Caz


  1. I hate that you weren't feeling well! I hope that you kicked that cold's ass. Also, thank you for the yummy recipe. I can't wait to try it!

    1. Unfortunately the cold is currently still kicking my butt! :(
      Let me know how you get on with the recipe! It's so yum, I'm going to make it again once we're moved and I'm set up with my stuff in the kitchen!

  2. oh...and i extended the deadline for the giveaway on my blog so you still have time to enter. =)

    1. Hi Lady! Will you please send me an email with your contact info so you may claim your prize?! =)


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