Sunday, 9 September 2012

Gourmet Mallow S'more!

mmmmmm delicious....

With an abundance of gourmet marshmallows at home... what's more fun than coming up with different things to do with them!!??

Also, what's more classic than a s'more!?!

It's hard to buy graham crackers in the UK and although I looked up a few recipes to bake my own.. I just haven't found the time or motivation to do it...

Next best thing...??  

Dark chocolate digestives!

And in place of a campfire...??

A gas stove!

I loved using passionfruit mallows for my s'more... it's nice to have the zingy'ness to offset the sweetness...Will have to try bring some lemon ones home to try... :)

The mister gave thumbs up to his vanilla and his mixed berry mallow s'mores too! :)

Gotta love the perks of working at a marshmallow shop!

xx CazDo you have any other ides of what I could do with marshmallows??!!

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