Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Google Reader No More

Howdie Doodie!!

Is anyone still out there??!! According to blogger I've not blogged since Dec 2nd, 2012... Hmmm... I wouldn't be surprised if you all were goneskies!!

Well, I am still alive and kicking and adventuring it up.. I've just not had the brain power to sit down and blog.. I think the combination of working only very sporadically and general moving house and travelling.. my attention span and brain power have completely diminished to naught! I've not even kept up with my blog reading at all!

Anywhos.. in case any of you didn't know, Google Reader will be shutting down July 1st.. which left me in a bit of a lurch... although I've not been very actively blog reading.. It was always reassuring to know that when the time comes or when I have a spare hour or two to fill... that gReader would be there... blogs galore... all at the ready for my reading pleasure! So I had a mini panic when I found out one day rather soon there would be gReader no more!

So I somewhat reluctantly signed up to bloglovin' and lovin' it I did not... It's somehow too girly and maybe too full of fashion blogs or some such... it's just not really to my liking...

I then decided to try out Feedly on someone's recommendation... and although I don't like it as much as gReader... I think it shall suffice and once I get used to it and have a wander around and figure out how to "do" stuff I will probably quite like it...

I am however rather sad that I have lost all my "tags" from gReader as they don't seem to have imported into Feedly (all my subscriptions synced when I signed in to Feedly with my gmail account)..

If anyone knows how I might get my tags back??!! You'd be putting a HUGE smile on my face!! Or do you use another programme which you think I might like?? I'd love to hear your suggestions!

In the meantime, make sure you've made the switch before July 1st so you don't lose all the blogs you're following.. including lil' ol' me..!!

Till next time..

xx Caz

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