Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Sensory Stimulus... Smell..

I arrived in Sydney today and as I was walking to meet my friend for dinner I walked past a bunch of restaurants/bars but it was when I was walking past blocks of houses/flats that I couldn't help but pick up the different smells sneaking out of open windows....

Some were familiar and some not so, but they all stirred a sense of wonder... What are people having for dinner?!

I also LOVE the smell of laundromats.. something about the smell of a hot press seems to make my heart happy.. coming into a room where someone's been ironing invokes kind of the same feeling... I couldn't tell you why I love the smell of laundromats but I have since I was little...

The same with freshly cut grass.. although I think that is because it reminds me of sunny Summer days... growing up... when Dad would be out mowing the lawn, which usually meant I could then go out and play in the yard..

I'm pretty sure I like the smell of laundromats & freshly cut grass more than fresh baking.. Something about those two smells just hark back to my childhood...

And one thing I've noticed is that laundromats the world over.. All pretty much smell the same!

Do you have any smells that make you happy? Anywhere you walk past that make you stop and take a deep breath?? Do you share either of my favourite smells or do you think I'm a total weirdo??!!

xx Caz

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