Thursday, 6 June 2013

The day I finally emailed Lothian Buses...

I've been talking about it for yonks... literally yonks and yonks... and today.. I finally did it!!

I started by sending out my first tweet to someone I don't know... (previously I'd only msged one of my bffs.. just trying to figure out my way around..) But I totally stepped out and sent this...
I then followed up by sending them this message on their website:
Hi Lothian Bus!

As much as I appreciate having free wifi on some bus services, what I would LOVE more is to be able to have stored value on my bus card like London's Oyster card. I've spoken to many friends who all feel the same way.

With it being World Environment Day and Lothian Bus being one of the Greenest companies in the UK, surely we can do away with the booklet of paper tickets (which we then get ANOTHER paper ticket once on the bus), and sort out some form of tap on system which just deducts the fare from our cards?! Which is then capped once the 'daily ticket' amount is reached.

Surely this is a) more environmentally friendly and b) much more convenient for drivers and passengers?

Kind regards
I shall keep you posted if I get a reply!

This is the first time I've gotten in touch with a 'big corporation', I hope I came across ok and not too whingey or demanding. I find most people don't respond well to whiney and demanding and tried to keep in mind that it would be a person sitting in front of a computer who receives my message.

xx CazYou never know unless you try, right??!!

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  1. Love it. Fantastic work Caz. I'm only known to complain to fast food companies for changing or removing food I like.


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