Monday, 21 July 2014

Tonight's tipple.. Atom Beers Dark Alchemy

Atom Beers' Dark Alchemy was absolutely delightful!

The fact that it has no hops made it especially endearing. As much as I love beer, I really don't love hops...
The label on the back promised "a complex malt bill with the bitterness and aroma from lots of cardamom & coriander to create a porter rich in body and brimming with character" and it certainly did not disappoint.

Smooth, light and very easy drinking..Full bodied and velvety chocolate on the palette with a slight hint of bitterness at the finish. The good kind of bitterness.. like eating 80% chocolate.. you want it to linger a bit so you can savour the flavour just that little bit longer.

Paired especially well with my slow cooked ribs in a slightly spicy BBQ sauce.

Will definitely be picking up more of this next time I'm at the bottle shop!

xx Caz

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