Thursday, 27 November 2014

First visit to The Salt Cave

I am writing as I sit in a room filled and covered with salt while finely ground salt is pumped into the room... Listening to the sounds of birds, panflutes and crashing waves..

What exactly am I doing? You might wonder? Or you might just think I'm completely off my head. That's OK, you wouldn't be the only ones. I got some pretty funny looks when I told people at work that I'd be sitting in a salt cave for an hour this evening!
The Salt Cave, oddly enough is somewhere I'd walked past and thought, what on earth goes on in there?!? I'd looked it up and thought.. OK, right.. It looks quite interesting, I should check it out sometime, then promptly forgot about an hour later.

So when it popped up on a voucher site a couple of months ago, I thought, why not!? The plan was to come with a friend who had also bought a voucher but as there is no talking in the treatment room, it's just as well we didn't come together planning on a catch up session and having a good blether!

I was worried it might be quite chilly but the room is very comfortable and I'm quite happy in just a t shirt though there are blankets over each chair for those who tend to get cold.

I didn't expect to be walking on salt as well as being sat in a room with salt on the walls. Though to be honest, I wasn't quite sure what to expect! They ask that you wear a hairnet and little booties as well, though I chose to take my shoes off so I have booties on over my socks. It's a good look, trust me!
There's a total of 8 chairs in the adult treatment room, each with a footstool if you want to put your feet up.. I did! There's also a table of magazines though I came armed with a book and my tablet.

They ask that there's no food or drink in the treatment room, but there is a water machine in the lobby area if you want a drink before or after. Also, no talking on phones! The idea is to relax and breathe and let the salt do its thang!

It can cause some irritation to eyes, dry throat or itchy skin but I've not experienced any of that, aside from feeling a little thirsty. Salt is said to help prevent muscle cramps so I'm hoping it might help my poor aching legs after my return to power plate training this week. There is nothing attractive or fun about walking around like a baby giraffe/geriatric! I've never hated walking down stairs or going to the bathroom quite so much!

The rather unconventional therapy is said to help a variety of problems from asthma to psoriasis. Respiratory diseases benefit the most as the salt is breathed into the throat and lungs, helping kill infection and dry out any lingering bacteria.

I'm not sure what difference I will feel after only one treatment but I get another visit on my voucher so I shall keep you posted.

In the meantime, breathe deep!!

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