Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Product Review : PDC Liftarna Masks

Adorable Snoopy marketing aside, anything that promises to minimise pores immediately gets my attention!

This was the second of two packs of Liftarna masks I'd picked up while in Japan. The first pack was their Deep Cleanse Mask.

Both pack contain 7 masks which I think you're supposed to use in a week but the package just says to use within 30 days of opening. The first pack I used over a couple of weeks.

The Snoopy ones I used over about 3 and a half weeks, with a couple of other sheet masks in between, along with a long haul flight!

I feel like they actually do minimise pores a bit, especially on my nose but the masks also seem to draw out little spots on my chin.

They feel a bit tingly on and instructions say to only leave on for 5 to 10 minutes which feels quite long when the tingly feeling translates to a slight stinging around the eyes.
Which brings me to my main problem with Lifterna masks. The fit. Mainly around the eyes. The length above the nose was nowhere near enough for the mask to sit flat between the eyes and the eye holes were too small and too close together, meaning the mask sat awkwardly over the corners of my eyes. I did like that they were quite long in the forehead though.

Although the picture on the front implied the deep cleanse masks would sit snugly around my nose (for maximum impurity drawing action) they didn't.. no matter how much pressing down around my nose, the mask never sat snug against my nose!

Overall I wasn't hugely impressed with either pack of masks and wouldn't buy them again. I think I'd stick with clay masks for cleansing and there's just so many other sheet mask options out there than to suffer through a bad fit.

Not to say the masks can't be a perfect fit for someone's​ face, just not mine!

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