Thursday, 1 June 2017

Om Yoga Show, Glasgow 2017

This is the second year I've attended Om Yoga Show in Glasgow. Both times I've had the company of Rachael from Panda Yoga Edinburgh, who has been gracious enough to offer a lift to the SECC. Saving me from schlepping it across on public transport.
Last year we'd each booked workshops but we weren't as organised this year and decided to just join free classes that took our fancy once we arrived.

We attended 'Functional Fascial Approaches for Movement Therapists with Ruth Duncan' which we both struggled with as we each have restrictions of movement due to injury. It's always difficult when there is a big group involved for hands on therapy workshops.
There was a lack of eating options which was a shame. There wasn't a lot last year and seemed even less this year.
After a wander around and a quick break for lunch we attended 'Freedom for Feet! With Mark Russell' which we both really enjoyed as we both like a good foot workout; Rachael especially!

We noticed there were fewer Glasgow Yoga Studios (almost none!) at the show this year and a lot more people offering Teacher Training programmes and yoga retreats.

Both of us have been curious about the blow up Hotpod Yoga hot yoga dome but without somewhere to shower and change, having to spend at least an hour in sweaty kit to get back to Edinburgh isn't so appealing.
Kitty treats for Rachael for driving. She loves Pandas & Kitty in equal measure...

We'd planned to pick up Yogi Tea on our way out to save us having to carry it around but they were pretty much sold out by the time we made our way back around, so word to the wise, buy Yogi Tea on arrival if you want to make the most of their show deal!

The show felt much more busy last year when we went on the Saturday than Sunday when we went this year.

There were a few monthly subscription boxes on offer as well, some containing trinkets and some containing vegan or veggie snacks.

This year seemed to have more massage options as well, most of whom were offering 15 minutes for around £10.

We loved visiting all the chocolate stalls for tasters and picked up a few treats along the way. We also each got a henna tattoo from the Henna Den.

Neither of us have picked up any clothing, though there were plenty of stalls to choose from. Lululemon were there, although with no discounts or show prices, it seemed pointless to buy something in Glasgow that we could get from the store in Edinburgh. I got some grippy toe sox to try at the show last year and picked up a few more pairs this year as I love them.
I'd love to check out the show in Mancheter or London as comparison, as I feel the show in Glasgow is just a little lacklustre. Other yogi friends who went along all felt similar, it's a show you'd spend a morning or afternoon at rather than attend for an entire day. Which is just that little added effort if you're travelling an hour to get there.

I was a guest of the Yoga Show this year and they were also kind enough to give me tickets to give away! Thanks Om Yoga Show!

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