Friday, 4 February 2011

Good intentions

Just today I've picked up 2 pull outs from the newspapers at the office this week, with the intention that I'll take it home and read it... no doubt, chances are, I'll take it home and it will be added to the pile of other things "to read" currently sitting on my bedroom floor and I'll never get round to actually reading them.

As a new initiative, I have also scanned 4 or 5 articles and recipes, in the hopes that if I have a digital copy of it, it won't be cluttering up any physical space at home and I will be more inclined to read it as I tend to spend my entire life on a computer anyways.. whether or not these things will just end up sitting in my email cluttering up my cyber space is yet to be determined!! I shall endeavour to report back.. If I remember and get round to it...

[Edit @15.03] Does anyone else fall victim to this? Collect newspapers/magazines with the intention of becoming better informed, only for their space to become better cluttered?? Or do I just fall victim to this because I am a massive hoarder??? But is it my hoarding that propels me to collect these things?? I don't take these things home with the intention of having them or wanting to keep them.. merely to take them home to read them, because I don't have the time at work/on the plane etc...


  1. I am one of those people - I have a pile of 'to read' print items that occasionally I get to, but more than likely end up in the recycling pile. I am getting through my 'to read' pile of books though!

    I started a recipes folder in gmail to help with this, although it then means that I need to have my phone on the bench when cooking, which can get .. ...messy

  2. I have read one book in the past about 3 months.. :(

    I print out all the recipes and I've started a lever arch to put them all in... tho I have baked from my laptop screen before.. but it has the potential to get very messy!!

    Each time I move, I try and get thru a bit more of my to read list... but after I'm settle, my progress stalls again... :(


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