Monday, 14 March 2011

A coin purse tribute to old skool...

Was trying to find a picture on google images, and came across this little guy...
How cute is it!?!?!
Next time I'm out thrifting.. I'ma buy me a little coin purse and an old tape.... 
(I love that it's an old Barbie tape!)... 
I figure all I'll need is some superglue/hot glue gun and I'm in business...
It's not hard to pry open a tape.. (I've done it by "accident" in the past)..
Then I figure you just glue it on over an old coin purse and BAM! 
Throwback Overload!!

Happy Monday!!

[edit] So while I was browsing the site I also found...

includes tutorial.. I need to make something to put all my necklaces on...
Tho at the moment, an old cork board with pins is leading that DIY race... Not overly creative..
but simple... and will get the job done!


  1. Oh, I love that little barbie coin purse! I have quite a few VHS tapes, perhaps with some glue, some glitter and a small pouch I could do the same thing and make a fancy clutch... Hmmm, I see cracked plastic, a mess of sparkles and sticky fingers in my future!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my ol' blog:-) Oh my word, that coin purse is super cute. I definitely need to pick up a new necklace holder too, or make one! Great idea. xoxo

  3. Love it! I want to make one now! Although I think the effect is improved by the tape being bright pink... time to go shopping!

  4. Helen - I absolutely agree about the bright pink tape giving it that added bit of ... something! :)

    Bon bon - Thanks for stopping by.. Good luck in your quest for a necklace holder!

    Mrs Biscuit - Will await phot evidence of sparkles and sticky fingers if you get 'round to attempting this! I was thinking about using old VHS to make a bigger version too..


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