Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Things that made me happy today... oh and yesterday too!! :)

So, yesterday morning... around 7.45am our doorbell went ding-a-ling-a-ling... (seriously it does!! there is a line that pulls a bell that hangs above our door, it's the cutest!!) and I thought.. who the eff is ringing my doorbell this early in the morning???!!! And why didn't they buzz the front door?? (our front door buzzer goes zzzhhhhhrrrr and is kinda annoying and not very cute at all... anywhos!) I quickly throw on a jacket (makes me think I need a robe!) and go and answer the door... There was a man on the other side, trying to squeeze a big green box thru the little crack I'd opened our door.. he even said "Sorry to bother you".. so I was ok with him pressing our doorbell so early in the morning!!

This is the box that came through the door!!
This is what was inside!!!
I couldn't contain my excitement, I just HAD to put them on!!!
So cute!!!
And all the way from Australia!!! See the little Kangaroos on them?? *squeeeeee*
Thanks Mr. JB!!! 

Then TODAY... my order from American Apparel arrived.. well, some of it... I got a coupon where you paid £25 and got £50 credit to spend on the website.. 

This is one of the cute dresses that arrived!! I love it!!

I then decided to put our brand new bath pillow to the test... It's so soft because it's microfibre... SOOO much more comfy than those old skool rubber ones that are thin and don't really do anything... and this pillow even matches our bathroom.. and I also love aqua/teal/turquoise.. so YEAY!!!

I have an obsession with anything from Original Source right now... like serious obsession... hand soap... bath foam.. shower gel... I want it all!!! Luckily they have been on sale at supermarkets/drugstores and I've stocked up... 

Then, while I was in the bath, the mister made these little garlic bread bites... well, he took them out of the packet and put them in the oven... but they came out super yum and he didn't burn them or anything!! Not saying he would... My mister is super duper clever... *nods* yup yup!! :)

And THEEEENNNNNN he made dumplings!! I gave him step by step instructions but he followed them well and the dumplings came out perfectly cooked!! Even better than when I do it sometimes... (I have a tendency to wander off and forget about them... oops!)
So we had dumplings for dins...


We were thinking about apple pie for dessert but I decided it was too late and too close to bedtime for dessert... we shall save the apple pie for another night... 

So those are the things which have made me super duper happy the past couple of days..
I am so so so so lucky to have awesome friends who bring treats...
and send Ugg boots from the other side of the world!!
And a mister who makes food while I chill out in a bath....

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The End!!

Has anything made you happy in the past few days??

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