Friday, 25 March 2011

The Rail Bridge, South Queensferry

Last night, the mister and I went to one of our fave places to eat out...
The Rail Bridge in South Queensferry...

We've eaten there a few times and we even took Ms Sok there when she came to visit.. and I have to say... they didn't disappoint... We asked for a seat upstairs (all the window tables downstairs were taken & we'd never sat upstairs before), we were delighted to find that the upstairs was decorated with paintings depicting the construction of the Forth Rail Bridge...

We were told the service may be a bit slow if we sit upstairs.. but we said that was ok... we had nothing to worry about tho because the service was attentive and polite as always.. our plates were cleared swiftly and we were never left wanting... the food, as ever, was well cooked and delicious!!  We ate :

Chrizo & Black Pudding, served with a poached egg over salad greens... (this is the mister's fave and he always get this when we come here...)

I normally have the king prawns to start because they are always done beautifully but decided to try something new on the menu... Railbridge Mushrooms... mushrooms stuffed with haggis and fried to perfection... they don't look like much on the plate.. but they are delish!!

Very rarely in our eating out adventures... (this is potentially the first time) we got the same dish... 10oz Scotch sirloin.. hung for 21days and marinaded in house sauce... the mister got a mustard and whisky sauce...

I decided a well cooked steak required no sauce.... And a well cooked steak it was!!
Actually medium rare... bordering on rare.. but that's ok by me!  I'm always hesitant to order steaks when I'm out, coz they are usually pricey.. and more often than not.. they arrive at the table over cooked... but these were perfect!!

Totally adorable lamp next to our table!
Can't wait to go back in Summer and sit outside on the patio!!

Here are some photos of Forth Rail and Forth Road bridge from South Queensferry...

The Rail Bridge can be found @ 4 Newhalls Road, South Queensferry


  1. That bridge is gorgeous and your food looks so yummy! I love a medium-rare steak, but it always seems like a bad choice when we go out to eat (since the mister is a butcher and chef extraordinaire so I can get perfect steak at home for cheap) but every once in a while I'll order it and cross my fingers the kitchen doesn't mess it up! It sounds like they cooked yours to perfection!

    And They Lived Happily Ever After...

  2. Wow!! Lucky Mrs Biscuit!! Can I come have dinner at your house???

    I love the two Forth Bridges! If it didn't mean such a commute, I would love to live in South Queensferry :)


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