Tuesday, 12 April 2011

You wore WHAT to work!?!?!

Not last Friday, but the Friday before... I wore this shirt to work.. oh yes I did!!

You know that person in your office that takes Dress Down Friday a little too liberally?? Well, hai! *waves* That person is ME!

But you want to know what the really funny thing is?? The thing I was most unsure about with this outfit.. was.... tucking my jeans into my ankle boots! HA! Not that my shirt is highly inappropriate for an office.. no no...  I was all... "do you think it looks weird??"...

The most awesome thing..?? I walked out my front door, and there was another lady walking past with HER jeans tucked into HER ankle books.. AH-MAZING! I strutted confidently down the road with my jeans not so neatly tucked into my boots! So this is my Dress Down Friday outfit for a couple of weeks ago..

 Jeans - Fat Face - thrifted
Boots - Primark
Shirt - Threadless.com
Jacket - Nikita
Earrings - gift 
Retarded expressions - Priceless!
xx Caz


  1. Caz! You crack me up! I love the jeans tucked into boots twin and the fact that you were more concerned about styling your outfit than which pieces you were actually wearing. I'd probably get hung up on the same exact thing! =)

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. I'm glad to amuse!

    My boss didn't really get my shirt.. I try to wear something that will amuse him every Friday... :D

  3. I have the Don't Care Bears hoodie!!

    We've got to stop shopping at the same places ;p

  4. Sam - Great minds think alike as they say!! :) Plus, we've always had great taste!! ;)


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