Sunday, 17 April 2011

30 Days of me - Day 29

Day 29 - In this past month, what have you learned

- It is really hard to post everyday!
- It's really hard to make time to post about everything I want to post about!
- I'm terrible at going to bed early!
- I'm hideous with remembering dates..
- I carry around way too much crap in my handbag...
- I really really miss my friends and wish they all lived closer to me...
- Someone needs to invent Teleportation... STAT!!
- My new addiction is online shopping..
- I love shoes
- Charity shopping is SO MUCH FUN!! (I knew this, but kinda forgot)
- I quite enjoy sewing and making things...
- I don't have a trench or any Spring jackets...
- Having a slow cooker is AH-MAZING!!
- It's impossible to find a pot at charity shops! - I want one to melt wax to make candles..
- In the short time I've been blogging, I've made a couple of blogging buddies..
- I care more than I thought I would about stats.. considering I started this more for me and my friends...
- There are some awesome blogs out there which are really inspiring!
- I love that Formula One season is back!! It is one of the very few things I will wake up early for!
- Cornflour is NOT THE SAME as Cornmeal... oops!

For those of you who have missed me in the past couple of days from blogLand.. I came home on Friday night, pottered about, lay down for a nap at 7.30pm... and pretty much passed out until 7am Saturday morning... I woke up briefly when the mister came home.. then briefly about 11pm to turn off the slow cooker... Guess I needed the sleep!!

Saturday started with F1 qualifying, baking of cornbread (after sending the mister out for missing ingredients), then flea market, then cornbread & THE BEST RIBS EVAH! for lunch, then fixing my leggings, then a trip to Ikea, getting sidetracked by Sainsbury's (grocery store), then stopping by my work to pick up some stuff, then making dinner, then eating dinner @ 11pm, then more pottering about.. and before you know it.. there's the day gone!!
xx Caz
Hope you're having a great weekend!!


  1. I can agree with each and every one of the things you learned!!! Perhaps we have slightly different learning experiences, but the general idea is exactly the same! Oh and I don't care for formula one... but I'm sure we can move past that and still be friends ;)

  2. Heh.. I think we all get to where we need to go... might just take a different road is all!! ; )

    We can compromise my F1 for your weird thing about squirrels... ;p I almost bought you a weird squirrel at the flea market on Sat but the lady wanted "antique" prices.. :(


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