Sunday, 17 April 2011

30 Days of me - Day 30

Day 30 - Your favourite song

This seems like such a strange one to finish on... almost seems too easy.. tho as I type that.. I'm thinking... it's really hard to pick just ONE favourite song...

Usually the first song that comes to mind is

But this is definitely a close second

And these two follow pretty closely behind that

They are definitely songs I could listen to over and over and over again... and over the years.. I have.. 

So there you have it!! My complete 30 Days of Me challenge!! It wasn't all smooth sailing and I've had some hiccups on the way.. but I made it.. albeit a few days tardy.. but I'm proud that I stuck with it to the end!

It's a gorgeously sunny day outside today and I feel like I should be outside making the most of it.. but I just cannot find the energy or the enthusiasm... we did a lot of stuff yesterday, flea markets, thrifting, going to Ikea, Sainsbury's, stopping by my work and didn't get home till late, then I made dinner... spaghetti & meatballs a la Ikea!! Made my first ever homemade pasta sauce.. SO EASY!! Never buying pasta sauce again!! (HA!) 

Then we were up early again this morning to watch the F1 race and we were going to go shopping at Primarni, but I'm broke.. so.. :(  tho a guy just called me about going to see a bike he's selling on gumtree, so once the mister gets home I might see if we wants to head out and see it.. and if he wants to loan me some money so I can buy it... :)  But I haven't actually been shopping for bikes so I don't really know how much bikes are etc... and I hate buying things without shopping around first...  bah! I really just cannot be bothered today!! BAH!!

I kinda just want to stay home, maybe do the last fix on my shirt skirt project, catch up on my blogging and hang out in my kitchen... I have ingredients for noodle soup and to make more tangy ribs.. ( I gotta have something to eat with all that cornbread I made yesterday!!)... *sigh*

Do you have days like this?? Where you feel like you just cannot be bothered!!??!! 

xx CazBah humbug!!

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