Sunday, 17 April 2011

Easy Peasy Trifle

I actually made this way back when we had our first house guest...

So far I've only posted recipes that I've adapted from other people.. this is the only reason why there are measurements!! I'm very much an "eyeball it" kinda person... I cook by sight and taste... so.. from here on in.. all the recipes that are vague on quantities... that's MY cookin!!

So here goes.. the first ever public posting of one of Caz's recipes... I don't really know when I first came up with this monstrosity.. or even HOW it came about... I know I made it in Whistler for orphan's X'mas Dinner in 2005.. and was told it was better than some people's grandmother's!! So.. it was already in my repertoire before then... annnyyyways.. without further ado...

Easy Peasy Trifle!!

You will need:
1 pack ladyfingers - I had some leftover, so don't feel like you need to use the entire pack..
2 cans of custard
1 tin of peaches - strained - mandarin slices also works well...
1 pack of jello/jelly (whatever you happen to call it) - made up per instruction ahead of time...
1 pack of berries - optional, I used raspberries this time because we happened to have some in the fridge...

What to do:
Put a layer of ladyfingers at the bottom of the bowl, cover it with custard (I didn't photo this step.. oops)

On top of the custard, put a layer of berries

On top of those, put another layer of ladyfingers

 Add another layer of custard & fruit (in my case, peaches!)

 Add another layer of custard & top with jello!!

This is what your trifle should look like from the side... the custard should be seeping through all the layers.. mmmmmm... now you gotta cover it with some kitchen wrap.... (I had none, so I just put an upside down dinner plate on to cover it)

Now put it in the fridge over night so the ladyfingers have time to soak up all that custardy nommiess!!!

I served mine in a spotty coffee mug!! :)  

This is what it looks like when you serve it... MESSSY!!!

You can make your trifles in little ramekins/cups/glasses so each person gets their own individual portion to make it look prettier.... :)

Also, you can pretty much use any fruit you want... just make sure each layer of ladyfinger has a layer of custard on top so they can soak in all that custardy goodness... kiwifruit is also a good choice... and if you're really lush, some whipped cream on top has never hurt anyone!!

I quite like trifle as a dessert going into warmer weather.. you can use lots of fresh fruit and aside from the masses of custard it's quite a "light" dessert, and it's delicious slightly chilled from the fridge... mmmm... now I wants trifle!!!

xx CazLet me know if you have a recipe for trifle... or if you try my recipe, I'd love to know how it turned out!!


  1. OK, well that just looks ridiculously yummy. Send me some! haha :)

  2. It's so easy peasy, you can make some! ; ) The best thing is, you get to eat the yummy ingredients on the way.. hehe... :)

    Let me know if you decide to try it!!

  3. Yum! I bet individual portions would look pretty in glass drinking cups, that way you could still see the layers of yumminess!
    Have you ever had eaton mess? I ate it a lot on London from Waitrose and I've been meaning to make it ever since! I think it was cookie, custard and fruit-- what's not to love?!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  4. I've made them in like hurricane glasses before which is quite fun.. except it's really hard to get the ladyfingers to the bottom.. heh.. but they are pretty when you make individual portions..

    It's been a while since I've had eton mess.. you can also make it with fruit, mousse & meringue! NOMMMY!!


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