Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Ch-ch-ch-chaaaanges.... Turn and face the strange.. Ch-ch-changes


So, it was a slow day at work... so I was doing rather a lot of blog reading.. YEAY!!
And after meandering and pottering around blogLand, I decided I rather liked the look of a white background..
Pages just looked crisp and tidy... a bit brighter... somehow "more inviting"...
Along with the old adage that black on white is much easier to read than white on black!

I would be lying if I said I wasn't somewhat inspired by the changes that have been going on at Muffiin loves Biscuit and The Whim Wham Life... so in a moment of haste and with absolutely no forethought or planning... I've changed my layout!!

I've tried to keep the colour scheme still fairly similar... because I love them colours!! Aquas/purples/blues...
And I've kept my cute little header that the mister made me... as well as my signature.. tho I want to try and make it smaller somehow...

Let me know what you think!! Do you like it?? Like parts of it?? Should I put it back the way it was??

Suggestions welcome!! Mrs. Biscuit.. I'm trying to figure out how I put your button in... eep!

xx CazPotentially more changes coming.. so just bear with me while I have a muck around... I need one of my code literate friends to design me up and programme me a blogSpace... although I'm still not entirely decided about what I want my blog to look like.. hmmm...

Title lyrics: David Bowie - Changes


  1. Caz, I love it! Black on white is definitely easier to read, and since it's nearly summer where I am your blog makes me want to go on a picnic! It must be the playful looking leaves mixed with the brighter colors! I'm so glad you found something you like =)

    Oh and the buttons are easy but it took me forever to figure them out! You can add buttons on a page like I did by just pasting in the html, or you can add a gadget, choose the html one and paste it into that.



  2. Thanks Mrs B!

    I added the html gadget, so your button is on my page!

    I'm glad you like the new look, the weather is getting warmer here too, which is why I think I was gravitating toward something lighter and brighter! :)


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