Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Postcard Swap & Ice Cream!

So a while ago on one of my wanderings through FITBF posts I found Amber @ Soxial Buttafly and her postcard swap! I love mail... so I jumped right in! I sent her card away a couple of weeks ago and I've kept a keen eye on the mail ever since.. and today...
her postcard arrived!!

 She made it herself, which I think is so super sweet!
 I love the little elephant and her lovely message as well!!
I forgot to take a picture of my card that I sent to her, but if you head on over to this post, then you'll see my card! :) I wrote a bunch of Scottish phrases on the back..

The mister got ice creams on the way home from work... They are ones I've never tried before...  They are called FEAST (you gotta say it like Mr T would.. channel your inner Mr T..) oh and because I found my webcam... I decided to take some photos for y'all!

This is what the mister deals with EVERY day!! Welcome to my life!! :D

xx Caz I told you I like making funny faces right??
And that I'm just a little bit.. sh-pe-shial???

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. Look delicious! Our grocery store has recently started carrying magnum bars... The mister and I are obsessed! Double chocolate is the best, followed by carmel, almond was ok, but nothing great! What flavor did you choose of your FEAST bar?

  2. I think ours were just chocolate and maybe peanuts?? I didn't take time to read the packet.. I just wanted to EAT it!! :D

    Oooh Magnums... mmmmm.. I rather like the almond magnums! Double choc is ALWAYS the best tho ; ) It's a close toss up between caramel and dulce de leche for me... now I want a magnum! :)

    I had sea salt and caramel ice cream on the weekend... delish!

  3. Thank you Caz for showing the postcard! I love making them and sending them out into the world. I am on a guest computer, so I am glad I took a peek at your blog today!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Amber! :)

    I hope you are getting loads of lovely postcards coming in!


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