Monday, 25 April 2011

Long weekend recap

I am sad that my 4 day weekend is coming to an end... Back to work tomorrow.. but it's only a 3 day work week because we get Friday off!! Yeeehaa!! Thanks for the free day off Will & Kate!! (Uhh.. that is "The Royal Wedding" of Prince William to Miss Catherine Middleton, in case you've been living under a rock... or maybe just outside the UK!)

*Sleep in
*Make lunch for the mister (he had to work - HAHA!, but he came home for lunch)
In a never ending quest to find more things to sandwich bacon between... TATTIE SCONES!!
*Baked mint & choc chip cookies
*Uploaded photos to picasa and organised it into albums ready for each post I'm going to do, rather than all being jumbled up in one HUGE album...
*Made cornbread
*Made pulled pork
*Ms Yaz came over for craft night.. she worked on another shirt skirt and I fixed my pj bottoms, finally sewed the velcro onto my pillowcase cushion cover and got started on turning a duvet cover I thrifted into pj bottoms...

*the mister & I went to get our hair cut - thanks Groupon!!
*we went to IKEA - we bought two Pello chairs, some Gorm baskets for our Albert in the kitchen, ice lollie makers, some elderflower syrup, some hemming tape & I found a curtain & cushion in the clearance section that I'm going to turn into a nice cushion for our bedroom...
*we then quickly got ready to go to Mr S's 30th B'day & Leaving Party Ceilidh.. it was AMAZING!! We had such a great time!! a ceilidh is like a big dance... (think like a ho-down or a barn dance) hahaha...  I will hopefully get photos up soon so you can see!!

*it was a super sunny day so we decided to go to Jedburgh to see the Jedburgh abbey (I will post a separate post about our trip)
*I totally spaced and forgot Joe was in town after a tour of the Highlands... but we made it back in time to meet up with him before he had to get on the overnight bus back to London.. and I totally forgot to take a photo of us together... but I took photos of the food we ate at The Albanach!!
I had the beef stew with suet dumplings.. it was totally nommy!!
the mister had Balmoral Chicken - chicken stuffed with haggis
*sleep in
*take lots of neurofen for tum cramps.. :(
*vacuum the flat
*tidy up my dressing room (our spare room where most of my clothes live, the mister has his clothes in the wardrobe in our room)
*put laundry on x2
*bake ferrero rocher/creme egg/mars egg/caramello egg cupcakes
*bake another batch of mint choc chip cookies - will post recipe soon..
*make pork noodle soup for dinner - there's a post coming up about that too!
*catch up on lots of blog reading
*thinking about baking some ANZAC cookies for ANZAC day today...
xx Caz


  1. I am ready for the wedding to happen and be over with! haha. I'm so tired of all the news about it.

  2. It's in the newspapers EVERYDAY! You'd think there was no other news happening in the world!!

    Even the fact she went shopping last week made the papers... WTF??

    There's mad union jack flags all around London apparently... GAH!!

    I put my order through for your shop!! xx

  3. I love elderflower everything but it's surprisingly hard to find in the US :(

    All of the cooking you've been doing makes me hungry! I've barely cooked anything all week! I'm a bad housewife, haha!


  4. Hit up ikea for elderflower syrup!! it's pretty noms!!

    We get a yummy elderflower sparkling drinky here in the health food shops.. mmmm.. :) maybe your health food stores (or WholeFoods) will have some??

    Meh! Some weeks are eating out weeks!!



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