Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Post #100!! Some General Monkeying Around

Wow! I can't believe this is my 100th post already!! How have I found so much to tell you about in such a short 3 months??!! I suppose doing the 30 Days of Me challenge has greatly contributed to that number..

Well, to celebrate my centenary(??) I thought I would share some general ridiculousness with you.. well.. just because I can!

This weekend we had breakfast tortillas... but a couple of the tortillas were mouldy.. so we kinda ran out... but never fear!! Who needs a tortilla when you have BACON!!

Behold!! Pop all your toppings (in this case, scrambled egg, peppers & onions) in the middle of your bit of bacon... top with a drizzle of sri-racha....
Stuff it in your mouth...
(yes, I am juvenile and gross.. there is a group my wifey started on FB called "Caz eats Things" - no joke) 

This weekend, in the parking lot of IKEA...
 WHY???!!! Aside from to amuse other people on the road!?!?!

Whilst IN Ikea... 

I actually first made the mister sit in the kiddie chair!! HAHAHA
There was a moment when he was getting up when I thought we were going to have a 


xx Caz
Happy 100th post to me!!


  1. Happy 100th Post to you!!!!
    I love love love ikea, the cheap snacks, cheap house wares and I especially love finding random things on sale!
    Bacon is the best thing in the whole world! I was so sad that one of my favorite grocery stores stopped carrying bacon that I think I may boycott them now. I don't take bacon lightly! Haha!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  2. Thanks Mrs B!

    I love ikea too!! It's always like an outing when I get to go.. I gotta sit in all the chairs and couches and pretty much just mess around in the showroom.. hehe.. we bought ikea meatballs while we were there.. NOMMMY!! and DAIM bars!! the mister's never had them before.. but I can see us going back to ikea for more.. hehehe..

    How can a grocery store stop carrying bacon!?!?!?! That's outrageous!! It totally deserves boycotting if it doesn't sell bacon!! pfft!!



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