Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Smoked Trout Update~

So last week I got the strangest thing ever in the mail...

I messaged Ms S to ask what one does with smoked trout.. and she said, cream cheese, paprika, on a bagel, just like lox but better... So over the weekend, I did just that...

I'm surprised we didn't set off the smoke alarm when the smokiness of this trout!! I honestly thought someone had been smoking in our kitchen when I walked in... and the smokey lasted the entire day.. (helped by the fact that our window kitchen has no windows)..

It was indeed delicious and better than lox! In my hurry to scoff the lot, I forgot to take any photos.. tho it has inspired me to sprinkle some paprika on my next bagel & lox!!

Also, where does the term lox come from?? *quick dash to google*
"The term lox derives from Lachs in German and לאַקס (laks) in Yiddish,[3] meaning "salmon". It is a cognateof Icelandic and Swedish laxDanish and Norwegian laks, and Old English læx.
Sometimes called regular or belly lox, lox is traditionally made by brining in a solution of water or oilsaltsugars and spices (the brine). Although the term lox is sometimes applied to smoked salmon, they are different products.[1][2]
xx CazLox definition - Courtesy of Wiki  - Everyday's a schoolday!

And now you know, if you ever get any smoked trout in the mail..
You'll know what to do with it!!  ; )

Happy Hump Day!!


  1. Ooh, yum! I've always LOVED lox (I think it's a Jewish thing-- I was born to love it, right?) but I've never tried it with paprika!
    I'll happily eat any sort of smoked salmon, on a bagel with cream cheese and sometimes a few slices of cucumber. I've even been known to eat the stuff plain, it's just so yummy!!!

  2. Try it with paprika next time! It's yum!!

    I love smoked salmon on its own as well.. or with a squeeze of lime juice and a bit of fresh cracked pepper... NOM NOM NOM... oooh with cucumber.. I haven't had that before... :)


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