Friday, 6 May 2011

The strangest thing I've ever received in the mail...

Smoked Trout... from Iceland! (well, from ANYWHERE really...) :D

So aside from a not so relaxing facial & some very yummy takeaway from dusit... Wednesday night wasn't a TOTAL disaster...  because I came home to a parcel from Iceland!!! From the very loverly Miss Sigurlina! Who was also our most fantastical tour guide when we went to Iceland earlier this year...

Now we all know I'm a super lucky lady who receives all sorts of fun fantastical things in the post from my super duper awesome friends...  but I must say... smoked trout.. is definitely a first!! I must admit I'm not entirely sure what I now DO with this smoked trout... any suggestions, please let me know!!

She didn't just send some smoked trout mind you... she also sent a super fabulous postcard.. hmm I shoulda taken a photo of what she wrote.. but it involved invisible geysirs and made me laugh.out.loud.. (inside joke.. you kinda needed to be there.. does anyone NOT love inside jokes, btw??)

Not only that... she even sent a t shirt!! but not just ANY t shirt.. a huffer t shirt... all the way from NZ... via Iceland.. HAHAHA... 
the t shirt is HUGE.. it's a men's "small" but I could wear it over leggings and call it a dress!
(albeit a rather short one)
but it's a huffer tee nonetheless!!
Wana know the story?? It may take a while.. go make yourself a cuppa and get comfy!!

So, a while ago, I was doing my usual FB creeping and noticed huffer had updated their status saying if someone provided a proper legit Icelandic address, they were willing to send a package to said person... there were the usual jokey, cheesey, lame replies of... "that volcano whose name noone can say, iceland" etc. and the like.. but.. I immediately went... I KNOW SOMEONE WHO LIVES IN ICELAND!!! I quickly msged Miss Sigurlina and said, you must give me your address IMMEDIATELY! So I sent dear old huffer a msg with her address and they msged me asking for a contact number.. probably to check that it was all legit..  so I offered up her phone number as well.. and gave myself a pat on the back and sat back in the hopes that huffer would hold up their end of the bargain...

A couple of weeks later, I got a msg from Miss S to say fedex had contacted her and wanted her to pay some extortionate amount of tax for her parcel and what on earth were huffer sending that was worth like $200NZ (or something of the like)... I had to confess I had no idea what was in the parcel... they could have been sending her a live donkey for all I knew!! After many a phone conversation, and I assume some argument from Miss S.. I think she managed to convince them that the parcel was a gift, in the end, and they eventually released the parcel to her... *phew*  (I have to admit by this time, I'd all but forgotten about the whole ordeal! Memory - like a sieve without the mesh part in it.. true story)

Annnnywhooos... she proceeded to trek up some glacier of some description (they seem to have a lot of them over there in Iceland) and do a full on photo shoot... (gah.. if only I could go on fb, I would post some photos)... she tagged me as the shirt... I was at first a bit confused.. (read above bout memory) but when I realised what it was.. I totally did a happy dance!!

So I kinda half jokingly (half serious =p ) said, you should send me something from the parcel! :D Then once again, proceeded to forget all about it... (are you noticing a trend yet???)

Well, that is the story of how it was that I came to receive smoked trout in the mail along with a t shirt from NZ with a slight detour to Iceland!! Long winded and really rather random... 

Welcome to the story of my life!! :)

A big thank you to Miss Sigurlina for totally making me laugh... but seriously tho peeps... What does a girl do with smoked trout?? (yes, eat it would be the obvious answer.. but what with??!!)

Happy Friday peeps!!

xx CazHope you all have a loverly weekend!!


  1. haha, fun story! I can't say I know anyone that lives in Iceland... ;)

    I don't eat fish so no advice for that.... I'm sure you'll figure something out, though, you master chef!

  2. Thanks chickie!! I'm glad you thought it was fun and not boring and long winded! :D

    Apparently you eat it just like lox.. but it's yummier... I will have to make it into something for brunch tomorrow I think!! :)


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