Friday, 17 June 2011

Dressing "Corporate"

So, you may have gathered that we're not the most corporate looking office in all the land! (Thank Gawds!)
But one of the big higher-ups was here from London yesterday and we had Bank people coming for presentations, so I thought I would actually dress the part rather than schlep in just in anything that's vaguely passable for office attire..

Here's the result:
 Shirt - TM Lewin (on sale); Skirt - Next (Outlet); Shoes - Primark
Earrings - Violet Reaction; Nails - Shellac (I shoulda taken note of the name of the colour.. oops!)
 The mister arrived home just after I did, so silly photo taking ensued!!
That's our front door.. I kinda like having a black door...
 I love the little "fishtail" detail on the back of the skirt.. can you see it??
Below is what it looks like close up.. but you can kinda see how it kicks out in the photo above..

 Buttons and a W-I-D-E waistband to keep the post lunch tum in check!
 I adore the print on this shirt!! 
The bossman thinks it's pretty snazzy too... he told me!! ; )
(Tho he might not have said "snazzy".. but in my mind he did and that's what counts.. right?)

xx Caz

Well there you have it!! I clean up pretty nice eh?? :D It's past my home time and I think it's stopped raining finally, so I'm going to run the gauntlet and try to get home without getting rained on!! Wish me luck!!


  1. fabu outfit! I especially love the skirt, so in charge looking! :)

  2. Thanks Kristy! In charge of the orange juice and coffees!! :D

  3. Want THAT skirt? If it wasn't from the outlet I'd offer to get one and send it to you... but I got it from the outlet a while ago.. so chances of them still having it... no bueno..

  4. I'll just have to find something else fab to wear then :P

  5. Indeed!! Your wardrobe's full of some pretty fab things anyways!!


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