Monday, 6 June 2011

One Skirt, Two Ways

I got a new skirt and I've been a bit iffy about what to wear it with...

I wore it to work last week with a purple top...
 I wore the red boots on the way to and from work but changed into flats at work... 
Skirt - Great Plains via secretsales; Boots - Dr Martens via secretsales; Top - Primark; Necklace - Violet Reaction

 Today I wore it to work with a white shirt...
Shirt - H&M

I think I prefer it with the white shirt.. but I'm trying to find inspiration of what else I could pair the skirt with...

xx CazSuggestions/Thoughts on a Postcard please!

(I'm not as severely pissed off as I look in those photos! Promise! I just feel super awkward taking photos of myself when running back and forth using the timer..)


  1. I love the first outfit! The red boots make the skirt pop.

  2. Thanks lovely! I need to wear them boots in.. they're a bit tight around the top (stupid fat calves!)..

    So you think purple top is better?

  3. Hi Caz!

    I do love the red boots, but I also like the white shirt look - a little more tailored.

    But that could just be me and my librarian self. :)

  4. haha, I've found a place that stocks different calf widths for knee high boots - only place I can buy them cuz my are so beefy!

    I love the white top (as well as the purple) but maybe the outfit needs skin coloured tights so that it doesn't look so dark on your lower half compared to the top half?

  5. Where is this magical place with different calf widths for boots!?!?!

    Hmmm.. I think you might just be onto something there with the light tights.. (tho curse of having tatts on legs = no sheer tights @work).. Will try it with grey or purple maybe??

    Also, lighting at my flat is pretty terrible.. (curse high ceilings and only one light in the whole room!)


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