Friday, 10 June 2011

Shirted Maxi

Yesterday morning, it was bright, sunny and promising!!
Yesterday lunch time, we had torrential downpour..
Yesterday afternoon, it was sunny again...

I was feeling a bit slovenly, and also like I really really wanted it to be sunny and warm..
So I decided I wanted to wear a maxi.. yet somehow had to dress it up enough for work..
This is what I settled on..
 Shirt - Workshop, NZ (I've had this shirt for YONKS - like since uni days.. when I was much thinner... hence why it's a bit tight now.. *ahem*.. I don't even know if Workshop still exists... :[ )
Maxi - Internationale; Sunglasses - Pennys (Primark); Earrings - Violet Reaction

Thoughts? Opinions? How would you dress up a maxi for work??

 Because the mister was around to take my photos.. there was some mucking around..

Happy Friday!!
xx Caz


  1. Caz you crack me up! These pictures are amazing and hilarious and wonderful all at the same time! I must say having a mister who will take your picture is definitely a good thing! My mister only does it when I beg- no good! Haha!

    I love your outfit, you look so cute!! =)


  2. I'm glad I've been able to make you laugh!! The mister is insanely patient with my photo taking.. haha..

    You need to train Mr Muffin.. you need to make it into a fun exercise.. I always pull silly faces and do stupid stuff to make him laugh, so if seems more like fun and less like chore!!

    Thank for compliment on my outfit!!



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