Friday, 10 June 2011

Mary Celeste~

That's what it's felt like at work all day.. two of the girls don't work Fridays anyways,  two more left at lunch time to head up North to tackle the Caledonian Challenge this weekend.. (crazy people!).. another left at lunchtime to go to meetings, one arrived well after lunchtime after a day down South yesterday, Ms K is in Paris.. so there's pretty much been about 3 or 4 of us here for most of the day!!  I've typed up two emails, gone to get bacon rolls, gone to get sweet treats for afternoon tea.. and that's about as much work as I've accomplished today.. I have been reading reviews on scanners to scan my films from my lomo cameras as taking the film to Boots is producing horrendous results!!  Oh, I've also spent the day googling random information, such as the Mary Celeste & Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner.. to answer ridiculous questions posed by the bossman...

Anywhos.. I have some time to kill before leaving to go meet the mister for dinner.. so I thought I would do my outfit post whilst at work.. (everyone else has gone home, so I have the entire office to myself as a backdrop!) Thought you might like something that's not my super messy cluttered living room, for a change!!

As you know from here and here, I usually wear funny shirts to amuse the boss man on Fridays, but seeing as we're out for dinner, I thought I'd try to dress a little fancy.. tho it wasn't warm enough to get me outta my jeans! Here's what I'm wearing...
Top - Glassons; Jacket - Nikita; Jeans - thrifted (Marks & Spencer); Shoes - Fitflop

Oh hai!! That's my bootie... 
I love the tie up at the back of the top.. and the funky print on the back of my jacket...

Necklace - Violet Reaction; Earrings - gift
I apparently lack the skill to take photos of earrings while I'm wearing them.. but they're cute hanging on my wallet! 
xx Caz

We had a yummy dinner.. I'll post about it soon!! 


  1. Thanks Kos! :)
    Gotta rock the House of G... :D

  2. Are those tattoos I see?!? How did I not know you had cute tattoos?!?! You simply must post and explain who/what/when/where! I'm dying to know!!!

  3. Well spotted Mrs B!! I'm not quite sure I'm ready to share my tatts with all of blogLand... but maybe I will send you an email.. :) x

  4. Haha! I definitely want to hear about those tattoos, even if it's in an email... You should know that I'm a fan of anonymity/privacy in blogland... my name says it all!

    <3 Mrs.Biscuit

  5. I shall ponder it... I will try to round up some photos at least for an email for you.. :)


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