Saturday, 16 July 2011

It's been an Awesome Friend Week!!

I have had an Awesome Friend Week this week.. which was much needed after some bad news about my holiday this summer... remember I was saying how I left work on Wednesday wanting to cry or punch someone? Well, it looks like my road trip isn't going to happen this summer... so I have been in a bit of a funk.. there's no one to blame as it's due to a series of circumstances that it's not going to happen.. that and a few other things have left me feeling let down and disappointed... Annnywhos... I got in touch with my wifey to ask what her plans were and if maybe she might want a visitor... and two days later, she left a msg on my fb to say "Stoked, Totally cleaned the spare room!" LOL... she really knows how to make a girl feel welcome!!

I was also having a moan to Cookie about it all and he replied with "Well, those people just don't know to treat you right"...  (I love that all my friends know I'm a big princess! hahaha)

Then on Thursday night I had a fabulous skype date with Ms AK and I can't wait to find time to go visit her in Norway!

I also accused Ms Jagiri of I did tell you... of creeping my blog roll... to which she responded "Its not my fault that you have impeccible taste my dear" - How much of a compliment is that!?! She knows me too well!! HAHAHA

She also posted this on my wall with the caption "Wanna make these for you"

Then today this conversation happened:

All of which just reminded me even tho stuff happens that get me down and even tho sometimes I get annoyed because things don't go to plan (I've also decided to go back to never planning anything, because anytime I plan anything, it always goes to hell anyways!) that at the end of the day, I have some wonderful and amazing friends who make me smile and make me feel truly blessed to have them in my life.. 

To have friends who know me so well, who put up with my spoilt brattiness, cater to my whimsy and still choose to stay friends with me... it really means a lot! Makes me think I must be doing something right!! ; )

Wiredmonkey also posted this link on my wall with the message "seen this and thought of you" - It always makes my heart smile when people leave messages like that.. it's nice to know that people think of you.. especially when it's something that you are actually into and something you are interested in... I try to send messages like that often... just to let people know that I thought of them that day.

So, no matter how big or small, don't forget to let your friends and family know that you thought of them! It might be just the thing that turns a frown upside down!!

xx Caz
Thanks friends!!! I couldn't mention all of you in this post obviously.. I'd be writing forever!! Just know that I am grateful for each and every one of you!!


  1. So glad I helped brighten up your day Caz, cuz you brighten up mine all the time - even though you are forever away.

  2. Awwww shucks! You're the bestest! xx

  3. There'll be many, MAAAAANy more road trips to come Caz! You have so many lovely, supporting friends! Just shows what a wonderful person you are :-)

  4. Aww, that is sad about your road trip, but so exciting that you'll get to visit your friend! Norway seems like such a beautiful place- that is going to be amazing :) I'm glad you have nice friends that can help you to feel better when you're down, because you're such a sweetie! :)

  5. Kim - thanks hun!! Was so good to see you in May, I will get photos up soon! I promise!!!

    Katie - thanks so much! you're too kind!! xx

  6. What awesome friends you have! Seriously...someone wants to bake you monkey cupcakes! *o*---> that's my starry-eyed yet jealous face.

  7. Thanks Earl-Leigh! I am indeed a lucky lady!! I love your starry eyed face!! :D

  8. Sometimes it's just the little things (like silly facebook conversations!) that get us through the rough times.


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