Monday, 4 July 2011

Kampung Ali, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

This restaurant has recently opened up not far from my work. Based on the lettering and colour schemes, I am hazarding a guess that it is the sister restaurant to Kampong Ah Lee down on Clerk St, by the university.

I have been curious to try it out and when we needed somewhere close by to eat before we went to the airport on Friday night I thought we'd give it a shot.. I'm pleased to say we weren't disappointed... We were there super early (5.45/6pm) so the staff were still eating when we walked in, but they showed us to a table and let us have a peruse of the menu...
 I had the original flavoured bubble tea!! Fairly authentic, tapioca could've been cooked a little tiny bit more but I'm just being picky! The mister had a mango one which was yummy too..
 We started with roti.. it was really yum.. hot off the stove and the curry sauce was good too.. I wanted more roti to dip in it.. or wish I had ordered a rice dish to pour it over... mmmmm
The mister had duck fried noodle.. the duck was a bit boney, tho to be expected..
It was well cooked and the noodles were well seasoned...
 I had the nasi goreng (?) with shrimp and chicken.. bit light on the protein but well spiced and I ate it all up in a hurry...
 There is still reminiscence of the previous Italian restaurant on the ceilings!!
Aside from the strange decor.. the service was good, polite but not overbearing.. the food was pretty reasonable for the price, we spent £25 in total for 3 drinks, 2 mains and a starter including a tiny tip..
All in all: I would definitely go back and might even get lunch from there one day this week!

 At lunchtime I had spotted these Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream 'Wiches at Tesco.. so we picked some up for dessert!!  The mister's never had an ice cream sandwich before!! Well only ones that used wafer rather than cookie... Not as good as the ones in NZ with the super doughy chocolate biscuit outside.. but not too bad...

So there you have it.. our Friday night food outing!!

Well, it's now 7.20pm and I'm still sat at work... so I'm going to get going to meet the mister for dinner! I have a voucher that expires tomorrow (oops! I thought I had until the end of the month) and I called and they said I could have a table at 6pm or at 8pm, I said ok for 6, then rang the mister but he said he had to stay late at work, so I called back and changed it to 8pm... hence why I'm still at work at this time.. the cleaners have even come and gone!! :D

But lucky for you it means I had some time to write some posts!! Rather than my usual.. go home and veg on crackbook!!
xx Caz
Hope you all have a fantastic Monday evening!! Look out for a post in the near future about our dinner adventure tonight!!


  1. Those ice cream sandwiches look so yummy! I love just about everything Ben and Jerry's makes!

    I can't wait to hear about your supper tonight! =)

  2. The only B&J's that I haven't liked was the phish food sorbet... blurrgh.. it just didn't taste right... I love pretty much everything else they do!

  3. Thank you for your review of our food!

    If you don't mind, we'd like to list one of your quotes, and will of course link back to your blog :)

    All Best, Kampung Ali Malaysian Delight

  4. Thanks for stopping by! That is fine if you'd like to quote from my review, thanks for linking back. :)

  5. Food is great but service from Chinese-looking waitress was appalling. She served two pints of lager with very thick foam. When asked to change it, she just poured it in a new glass. We spoke to the manager, whilst speaking to manager, she just turned her back on us, slammed her serving tray against the counter top. We just walked out. Clearly she is not supposed to be working in front of customers with that kind of attitude. We made sure all of our family and wider circle of riends are aware of their appalling customer service. We will never spend a single penny in a place where attitide sucks like this.


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