Monday, 4 July 2011

Weekend in Bristol

Hello!! Have you missed me?? Probably not.. well I've missed you!! I have had an internet free weekend.. the mister came to meet me at work on Friday and we went down the road for some dinner.. (that's another post!) then we made our way to the airport to catch a flight to Bristol for the weekend.. It was the mister's mum's 60th b'day party on Saturday night you see...  We got in late on Friday night and the mister's lil brother came and picked us up, we had a bit of a chat but were all pretty tired so it was early to bed!

Saturday Mr N came to pick us up to go to lunch.. he had brought Ms S with him, whom I hadn't met before.. we couldn't really decide where to go, and it was a super sunny day, so we decided to have a BBQ at Mr N's house as none of us had seen his new pad yet... off we went to the super market... there was much monkeying around on Mr N's part.. but we managed to fill up the trolley and off we went!! I am a doofus for not taking lots of photos.. but I was too busy enjoying the sun!!
 FOOD! & Brother's Tutti Fruitti Pear Cider.. YUMMY!! Perfection on a sunny day!!
 A JUG of Pimm's... coz that's how I roll~ Pimm's is best drunk from a jug.. trust me on that one.. 
It's only fitting to have giant tools to cut up a giant steak!!

Saturday night was the mister's mum's party, which was held at a Skittles Alley.. I'd never played skittles before! It's kinda like 10 pin bowling without the mechanical stuff!! kinda... I have never been to 5 pin bowling, but would imagine it's fairly similar to that...  there are 9 pins down a wooden lane and you get 3 balls/bowls a "turn" if you manage to knock all 9 down before your 3 bowls, they get set up again for your remaining tries... my highest was 8.. though the highest of the evening was 12!!
 See those gaps?? Yea.. they're bigger than you think!! So easy to get a ball through the gaps and not hit anything!!!
 The mister in action!
That's his dad's cousins and his brudder in law standing behind him..
And the mister's liddle brother at the side there... see?? *points*
He says the "pap" put him off but he's totally playing to the camera.. LOVES it I tell you! ; )

 Here is Mr N with his LOOOVERLY fiance Ms B!! They are awesome.. we like them!! We also hung out with them on Sunday afternoon and partook in the fastest meal EVER at Pizza Hut.. haha.. they took us to the airport and we stopped to eat on the way but we only had about 30mins.. - Good Job Team!! and to Pizza Hut for getting us fed in record time... I think the guy serving us was more worried than we were about getting us there on time!! HAHAHA :D
 Mr N, sporting the latest headwear trend... puts Princess B to shame!! 
He also let us cover him with glitter... :D :D He's a good sport Mr N!!
And you didn't think there wouldn't be a picture of yours truly now did you??

Sunday we spent some more time with the mister's family at his parent's house... mostly being entertained by his nephew.. he's super cute... then we hung out with Mr N & Ms B before aforementioned fastest meal at Pizza Hut then on the plane home again!! All in all a fabulous weekend...

Might even have gotten a little bit sunburnt!! The mister definitely got a burnt.. he of the fair skinned.. muaahahaha.. mine has just settled into a slight tan.. a few more days like that and my skin might just be ready for a Canadian Summer!!
xx Caz
Hope you had a good weekend too!

Happy Monday!!


  1. I drink Pimms! The mister makes fun of me, but he hasn't tried it... so his teasing totally doesn't count, right? Pimms is delicious, amazing and even better in a jug! Haha!

    Skittles looks so difficult! I am a crummy bowler, I love bowling, but I'm really awful at it.... However your skittles game looks even more difficult!!! I'm impressed that you even scored at all!!! =)

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  2. Pimms is awesome! Tell Mr Muffin not to judge until he's tried it!! =p

    I love bowling.. maybe if I ever come to visit you, we could go bowling!? It took me a few goes to get the hang on skittles!!


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