Thursday, 7 July 2011

A Little Bit Taboo

So... I was thinking about whether or not I was going to write a post about this... because the subject may be a little bit taboo..?? But it's my blog and I'm supposed to blog about my life and the big and small things about my life so I thought why not... and it would be interesting to get other people's thoughts on the matter... if anyone is willing to say anything that is... Anywhos... the topic for this post is WAXING! Namely Bikini Waxing! - The faint hearted and easily offended may want to stop reading.. but if not... let's carry on!!

So... I know plenty of ladies who wax and have a standing appointment with beauticians to keep themselves neat & tidy... From simple bikini waxes to "brazilians" to "hollywoods", I'm sure some of my lady friends have been through them all! I for one have always kept the trimming of the lady hedge a private, in home affair...

But, I have always wondered... being just a bit curious... if the grass is really greener on the other side and maybe waxing was really the way forward.....??  So when a voucher came up on one of my daily deal sites to "get me Summer and bikini ready" with a brazilian/hollywood and an eyebrow shape/tidy... I decided to take the plunge...

How bad could it be!?! I've plucked the occasional stray hair "down there"... I've survived tattoos... pain is really just a temporary thing... and as a female... we all suffer slightly in some form or other in the name of vanity... don't we??

Anyways, aside from the fact that there would be a stranger looking at and touching my privates... how bad could it really be!?!?! The payoff of up to 4/6 weeks of maintenance free was high on my priority...

I had booked an appointment last week because the voucher was due to run out at the end of last week... I showed up slightly early... slightly nervous... it's like going on an overly intimate first date... without the benefit of alcoholic lubrication for dutch courage!  I was shown to a room, told to take everything off from the waist down and to lay on the bed with a towel to cover up.... She left me in the room for what seemed like an eternity... (probably about 5 mins - now I don't know about you.. but it definitely does not take me 5 mins to get my kit off and lay down on a bed!! if there was any other formality I was supposed to go through, I a) was not told about it and b) did not see anything in the room to partake in any "freshening up".... ) She came back and instructed me to pop my knees out to the sides... and after a quick inspection declared... "too short! the hair is too short, maybe in a couple of days I could do it, but if I do it now, in two or three days you'll be hairy again.."  GAH!! *how embarassament!*

She kindly offered to extend my voucher and booked me an appointment for a week later.... and with that I was sent packing... so I went back yesterday for my appointment... probably a lot less nervous than the week before.. considering she'd already seen all there was to see, so to speak... Again she left me in the room for a good 5 minutes (I kept checking my watch, well, because, there's not much else to do when you're lying half naked in an almost empty room!)...

Upon her return, she got straight down to business... the wax went on... more wax went on... and the wax came off... YEOWCH!! Yet more wax went on.. and it felt really hot this time... more wax came off, more went on.. and so forth... then the tweezers made an appearance... and that was really really uncomfortable! There were times when it felt like she was pulling out entire bunches of hair... tho surely not!?! One assumes the wax got most of it!?!  She slathered on some sort of oil and declared "that's your bikini done"....

She then did a quick tidy of my eyebrows... which was great for cleaning up the finer hairs and also my mini monobrow (all the little stray hairs between the brows..)...  I checked my brows when I got home and there were quite a few little hair that I ended up tweezing...

As for my "hollywood" - it really wasn't as great as I thought it was going to be... it wasn't the clean and smooth result I was expecting or hoping for... there seem to be quite a few (albeit short) hairs that the wax left behind and there were a couple of bloody spots from where the wax or the tweezing had damaged the skin...

Now, I don't know if that is purely because it was my first go?? I have heard if you go regularly the results get better and the pain lessens?? Maybe it depends on the coarseness of the hair?? Maybe my beautician was just a bit on the violent side?? It also went quite red and was  tender to the touch.. so maybe my skin doesn't really like the wax too much??  Whatever the reason... I can't say I'm overly taken with the results... so unless I get a full 6 weeks off from grooming the beaver... I don't think it's something I was partake in again...

Do you wax?? Have you waxed?? What are your thoughts??

Also, has anyone heard of/tried "Vajazzling"??? I've seen a few salons offering it it... so far as I understand, you stick little crystals on yourself after a wax or shave... now a) isn't the whole point to be smooth? rather than have strange sparkly gems which I assume are a bit scratchy if you are the "other part" of a horizontal tango... and b) how long do these stickies last once you hop in the shower??  And really... as if waxing your sensitive area isn't enough trauma, you add insult to injury by putting glue on it!?!?  I'm curious to know if anyone's tried it and what the outcome was... I, for one, can think of better things to spend my pennies on than to jazzle my vajayjay (as Oprah calls it)...

-Wow, this post is wordy! I just previewed it.. good job if you're still reading!! *gold star for you!*
xx Caz


  1. LMAO! I've never bedazzled my region (as my mom calls it), but I have gotten a Brazilian. My experience wasn't SO bad. I did learn that ethnic people have to let the wax sit a little longer because of extra oils in the skin. Which meant that Katie (we're on a first name basis now) and I had some awkward conversations.

  2. LOL! Are you a Brazilian believer then?

  3. I'm on the fence. LOL! I think that you can do just as good a job at home, with a pain free razor, for much cheaper. But...I'm lazy. ;)

  4. I guess I'll have to wait and see how long it manages to last before I make up my mind.. but I totally agree on the pain free & much cheaper razor route!

  5. ps. Thanks for the input! I was afraid noone would want to say anything! :)

  6. Ooooh Caz, when you're back in town for Kath's wedding (you won't be ready for another one in 2 weeks :P) you must go see my waxer and she'll change your opinion. It is AMAZING! Getting brows waxed actually hurts more than it does for down-there waxing with her. I've avoided waxing for years because every time I go it hurts like a mother**, but now that I found Milli Fiori Spa, I'm totally considering having monthly visits to her. It's hilarious you bring this is up because I recently sent a message to the local ladies about her and how amazing she is :P

  7. My first time, the lady gave me half a stripe half a triangle! I asked for a isosceles and I got a scalene. I never went back there. I got it done for a reason too, so that was a little embarrassing but after a few drinks I was like "Yeah I can rock this"
    The next times, I went to a new lady and she was great. Yeah you do have to tidy up a little but it is good, I guess shaving and waxing both have their pros and cons.
    As for prettying it up with stick on jewels, it's pretty enough as it is thanks so you can keep you crafting out of my pants.

  8. Laura - Ok... if I can wait long enough to let it grow out enough, I'm willing to give it another shot... I'll try anything twice!! ; )

    Bambi - LOL!! A scalene!! Seriously LOL!!

  9. Wouldn't be able to do it. I tried once with a home kit....not good, so not good! It was the ones you warm up with your hands, you can rub that wax strip forever and it will never be warm enough!! I rather use a razor :)

  10. I've never been waxed.... down below.... but wow it sounds terrifying.. and painful.. and just sortof awful.

    I wish I could offer some insight, but I do have to say I'm curious if the results of your suffering will be "a full 6 weeks off from grooming the beaver" -- which I must note, made me laugh so hard I chocked on my ice cream! :)

  11. Tiarra - Ooooh you're brave to try it at home!! I don't think I'd have to gumption to go through with it at home!! :D And you're supposed to warm it with your hands!?! Sounds like far too much hard work!! :)

    Biscuit - Hehehe.. I hope you recovered ok from the ice cream choking!! I will submit an update in a few weeks so everyone knows how I get on... :D :D


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