Thursday, 7 July 2011

Lo-Fi London from This is Naive

{picture from This is Naive}
Found this page today and it's making me excited to go to London... not that I will have time for any of these things this weekend.. but that is beside the point...

Oh! They have a Beard Papa on Oxford St.. it might be a priority... I love Beard Papa!!

I want to go to Salt Yard... I wonder if W1T is anywhere near Sok's house??
Or Ikeda at W1K???
Or macaroons from Laduree in W1J??  I think Sok has a W1 postcode..??

ps. I need to find a facinator for KV's wedding in August... Would it be bad taste to wear a black hat to a wedding?? Thoughts on a postcard please!
xx Caz

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